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Lake Street Dive Soars With TELEFUNKEN

Multi-genre rockers Lake Street Dive are connecting with audiences across America and Europe with their distinctive vocal stylings and dynamic drum sound.

Distinctive Vocals and Drum Sound

Lake Street Dive is seen around TELEFUNKEN’s CU-29 Copperhead large diaphragm condenser microphone. Photo by Elizabeth Mazenko.

Multi-genre rockers Lake Street Dive are connecting with audiences across America and Europe with their distinctive vocal stylings and dynamic drum sound. The group is known for their rich harmonies, thanks in part to their choice of a large diaphragm TELEFUNKEN CU-29 Copperhead microphone.

Lead singer Rachael Price commented, “Every night onstage, when we get around the Copperhead I’m struck by how beautifully this mic handles my voice. It’s refreshingly natural sound makes it easy for me to sing my best.”

The members of Lake Street Dive — named after an avenue of seedy bars in guitarist and trumpeter Michael “McDuck” Olson’s native Minneapolis — met in 2004 as students at Boston’s New England Conservatory of Music. Powerhouse singer Rachael Price fronts the quartet while Bridget Kearney and drummer Michael Calabrese comprise the rhythm section.

Lake Street Dive’s major label debut, “Side Pony”, was released on Nonesuch Records in February 2016 and hit #1 on multiple Billboard charts. The album has a unified exuberance from start to finish, with arrangements that offer a knowing nod to the past while the lyrics tackle the pitfalls of modern romance in a manner that’s often more playful than rueful.

Lake Street Dive seamlessly incorporates R&B, pop, ’60s-era rock, and soul into a unique, dance-party-ready mix. As bassist Kearney puts it, “When we were settling on the album title, “Side Pony” just stuck out to us as embodying the band’s spirit. We’ve always been this somewhat uncategorizable, weird, outlying genre-less band. That’s the statement we wanted to make with this record: be yourself.”

A big hit on YouTube, their Jackson 5 cover of “I Want You Back” showed them gathered around a single microphone on a Brighton, Massachusetts street corner. The band has been influenced by many genres, especially classic pop and swing era jazz. “We want it to sound like the Beatles and Motown had a party together,” says drummer Mike Calabrese, who uses TELEFUNKEN’s DC7 drum mic package. “The bigger the stages get and the bigger the production gets, it’s absolutely imperative that the sound coming through the in-ear monitors is clear, focused and natural. Our Telefunken mics help me forget I’m wearing in-ears, so I play more comfortably and dynamically.”
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