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Lala Goes Gaga for PhantomFocus™

Lala Mansion Nashville, the studio formerly named The Grip II, and originally designed by Carl Tatz Design® for Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, continues its reign as one of the city’s top personal facilities with new owner, songwriter, producer, and artist Don Miggs and the PhantomFocus System™

Nashville, TN: Award-winning studio design firm Carl Tatz Design (CTD) has installed one of its revered PhantomFocus™ monitoring systems at Nashville’s Lala Mansion along with three of the firm’s TEC Award-nominated Master Engineer Series PhantomFocus eChairs™. The studio, formerly named The Grip II and originally designed by CTD for Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, is where several of the mega-group’s albums were recorded.

Songwriter, producer, artist, and Lala Mansion Nashville studio owner Don Miggs, who recently relocated to Nashville from his previous Lala Mansion location in Tampa, comments, “I loved my new studio. I loved how it sounded. I was wrong. I couldn’t even imagine how much better the sound could be until Carl installed his PhantomFocus System with my existing monitors.” Lala Mansion Nashville now joins its sister facility in Los Angeles, Lala Mansion West.

Studio designer Carl Tatz shares, “We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with this great recording complex, one of our proudest achievements, and now with Don at the helm, I’m sure it will continue its arc of excellence.”

Miggs expands, “The PhantomFocus System is not only amazing to listen to, it makes me a better engineer. Carl designed Lala Mansion Nashville and continues to prove why he’s invaluable to its success.”

Photo caption 1 Pictured L-R: Songwriter, producer, artist, and Lala Mansion Nashville owner Don Miggs, with studio designer Carl Tatz at the console in front of the studio’s new PhantomFocus™ monitor system using ATC SCM45A monitors