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Latest headphones best price

Listenbeats by dre enjoy quite enjoy the monster sound headphones. In addition, the built-in microphone of the headset, make people whether in the home, or the road can enjoy music at the same time not to miss the call. Built-in equalizer to enhance the sound quality of the headphones, either pop music or movie scenes to restore the performance of a bang, users can enjoy showing the most three-dimensional sound.In appearance, the difference between the two is very small, the difference between two the Ultimate panel laser pattern, a different point of view, there will be a CD-ROM as the reflection effect, but both too close to the color, this distinction is not obvious, the other The difference is the text panel on the Ultimate Multi-PRO word. Both using the same mold, ear shell is exactly the same, and even the design of the catheter is the same as catheter roots as a spherical shape, and connected to the ear shell, so it can achieve steering in a certain angular range, such adjustment, to improve wear Comfort is a great help, after all, everyone’s ear canal is not exactly the same. Listen enjoy quite enjoy the monster sound headphones.

Auditory beats dre cheapfeast, enjoy the quiet. Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world, listen to the inner voice, love the monster sound.13.Tianlaizhiyin wooden? All in magic Acoustic.This design patent Weisuonike. The GR04 series wire gives a good feeling, this brown translucent line looks very texture, both Wire identical, are high-precision single-crystal copper wire, the main core wire 72 core, 82 core wound shield This headphone cable specifications rare, GR04 Series headphones weigh up the general headset heavier mainly focuses wire. Accessories, GR04 Standard Edition provides four pairs of the sleeve the Ultimate 15 pairs. In addition, both comes with a ear hanging bracket. What is the difference in the end it? Information from the official point of view, both are based on a 11-mm drives, are used CCAW [copper clad aluminum voice coil, but different from the description of the drive, the Standard Edition is a multi-layer composite diaphragm ” The Ultimate high dynamic. Both the sensitivity is 105dB [_AT_ 500Hz], but the impedance is not the same as the Standard Edition is 24 ohms, the Ultimate 50 in Europe, which means that the Ultimate slightly difficult to push a little. Auditory feast, enjoy the quiet. Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world, listen to the inner voice, love the monster sound.13.Tianlaizhiyin wooden? All in magic Acoustic.

The sounds Hot sell cheap beats dre of nature, monster sound headphones.The main difference between the two drives, but this gap is worthy of a $ 400 price difference? Actual listening, we use the above device, the iPhone 4 and the Motorola RAZR smartphone sound quality first-class level, compared to digital Walkman devices can also be regarded as relatively good, real listen Both devices Main source. Both USB sound card represents a high level of current USB sound card, performance for test headphones connected PC.The GR04 typical style tone, with Weisuonike other series such GR07, GR02 series of relatively neutral sound different, GR04 has the typical characteristics of warm, but with varying degrees of both, the following text will continue to mention. Just received the headphones, the sound is a bit dull, burning machine 20 hours later, the sound has improved significantly. The sounds of nature, monster sound headphones.