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Latitude Church Steps Up to Martin Audio

A Martin Audio CDD system installed by DP Design solved a variety of acoustic challenges at the fast growing Latitude Church in New Bern, NC.

DP Design recently installed Martin Audio CDD to solve a variety of acoustic challenges at the Latitude Church in New Bern, North Carolina.

Latitude is described by designer David Price as “one of the fastest growing churches in North Carolina that only started over a year ago and already has a weekly attendance of over 1000 people.”

The church is based in a large facility that originally served as a manufacturing warehouse with “a variety of acoustic challenges in a space that wasn’t designed as a worship sanctuary.

“Latitude became known as the rock and roll church in terms of having the highest volume levels,” David continues. “They originally committed to a used line array system from a well-known brand that had seen better days on tour. It was woefully inadequate with three boxes a side for a 90-foot throw in a long, low trim height room. It sounded incredibly loud and harsh up front with drivers blowing and a host of other problems.

“We came in and redesigned their stage which was very deep––cut it in half with both sections separated by a double wide video production screen. We installed a distributed system of Martin Audio CDD speakers that blended perfectly into the environment. Eight CDD15’s in three rows of two for left, right and two delay hangs. We also deployed four CSX218 floor-mounted subs and eight CDD5’s for front fill mounted on the edge of the stage.”

Asked about his client’s reaction to the CDD system, “David concludes, “It sounds absolutely fantastic with the warmth you get out from the CDD15’s and wide enough coverage to get the stereo image throughout the room. Bottom line, CDD sounds amazing, and the church is very happy with the system because they can play it loud without any overload or harshness, just smooth, pristine sound.”

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