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SANTA CLARA, CA, February 5th, 2008 – On Jim Lauderdale‘s 2008 Grammy-nominated album, “The Blue Grass Diaries,” producer, engineer and recording artist Randy Kohrs cut through the mix with Lauten Audio‘s Horizon tube microphone. The Horizon was used exclusively on fiddles, all of the second guitar overdubs, and female harmonies.

“On the female harmonies, the Horizon helped the soft voices cut through the hard hitting vocals of Jim and me without having to eq all the body out of them,” said Randy Kohrs. “For me, that‘s a lot of finite eq work I never have to do with the Horizon tube microphone. On the fiddle, it helped the lower sweet, woody tones speak through a barrage of mid-range instruments, like the banjo and resonator guitar, and brought out the clarity. Aaron Till said he had never heard his fiddle so well recorded. The Horizon is a complete studio work-horse built to stand the grueling test of time. I could not ask for more in a microphone.”

Jim Lauderdale is a multi-talented performer and songwriter in both country and bluegrass music, and with the highly successful release of “The Bluegrass Diaries,” he continues to make his mark in both genres. His career has taken him all over the world, enriching his ever-growing fan base, and his music has been recorded by artists ranging from George Strait to George Jones. Contributing their talents to “The Blue Grass Diaries” are Jesse Cobb on mandolin, Richard Bailey on banjo, Jay Weaver on bass, Cody Kilby on guitar, Randy Kohrs on resonator guitar and harmony vocals, Aaron Till on fiddle, Ashley Brown and Cia Cherryholmes on vocal harmonies, among other special guests.

“When I heard about the Grammy nomination, I was extremely happy for Jim and Randy,” said Brian Loudenslager, founder of Lauten Audio. “The diverse usage of the Horizon on the album further solidifies what we have said all along about this microphone‘s incredible versatility.”

The Horizon tube microphone is Lauten Audio‘s first commercially available product, with three new studio models to follow this year. Designed as a work-horse, the Horizon is solidly built and features an NOS military grade tube, custom wound output transformer and high-resolution electronics. The mic is available in dealers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as other parts of the world.

About Lauten Audio:

Lauten Audio is a high-end microphone manufacturer formed by professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from microphone design, physics, recording engineering, electrical engineering, international business, and manufacturing. The company‘s philosophy is to build better sounding microphones through unique designs, careful component selection, efficient manufacturing processes, and extensive listening tests.

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