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Montreal, Canada─Le Studio Mobile announces the 30th anniversary of providing top-quality remote recording services. Recognized across North America as a leader in location recording, the company recently upgraded its services with a second remote truck, replacing that built back in 1979. Built last year, the new vehicle is a Peterbilt 335 with a 23-foot custom-made body, automatic leveling, and 10 kVa power regulator/UPS.

A complete recording studio on wheels, and with the efficiency and expertise of owner and operator, Guillaume Bengle, Le Studio Mobile specializes in multi-track recording and live mixing for music, television and special events. The remote truck has covered virtually all types of projects including the broadcast recording of the recent Canadian Juno Awards for CTV held in April, a project they have been covering for over 23 years.

Clients include CTV, CBC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Radio-Canada in Montreal, and acts like Paul McCartney, Sting, Bryan Adams, The Fixx, and Celine Dion.

Bengle began working on live recordings in the 70’s for a radio station in Montreal and said he was fortunate to have learned with some of the biggest names in jazz. “We used a 12-input console and a 1/2 in. 4-track recorder, each weighing about 200 lbs. located in the kitchen of the clubs we worked in back then. It soon became obvious that the equipment should stay in the truck and only microphones and snakes were taken out.”

Bengle built the first Le Studio Mobile in 1979. “The business was very different 30 years ago. Most of our work came from radio and about one-third from record projects. Television came a bit later; today, TV and DVD projects account for about 80% of our business.”

The first truck was initially outfitted with a 24-input console and a 16-track recorder, both Teac and soon replaced with a Soundcraft 32-input console and Studer 24-track A-80. It later went digital with its first Yamaha DM2000v2. “We could record 48 redundant tracks (actually 96 tracks) through one console while mixing to live TV in 5.1, notes Bengle, but around 2007 when the shows were getting bigger and the truck was getting older, it became obvious it was time for a new one. The new mobile would have two Yamaha DM2000v2s, 192 tracks of recording and great monitoring.� After a year of planning, building, installing and testing, Le Studio Mobile version 2.0 was ready.

In addition to the two Yamaha consoles, Le Studio Mobile’s new truck boasts a complete arsenal of professional equipment including Yamaha AD824 8-channel preamplifiers (six for 48 inputs) for a total of 96 microphone inputs and uses the consoles’ built-in pre-amplifiers. The truck houses several hard disk recording systems—a Steinberg Nuendo 48-track and three Tascam X-48 48-track recorders for a total of 192 tracks, both able to output to ProTools-compatible time-stamped broadcast waves. Recorders include a Sony PCM 800 48-track recorder, Studer A-80 24-tracks, Sony 7030 DAT, and a Tascam CDRW-2000 CDR.

Clients can choose from any number of processors⎯from an Aphex 320 2-channel compressor-limiter, dbx 160s and 165As, Lexicon 224 reverb, tc Electronics 6000 6.1 reverb with Icon controller and tc Electronics 2000⎯to an M300 dual engine processor, UREI 1176s, UREI LA-4s, or Waves MAXX BCL. “We still use all our compressors from 30 years ago, especially the UREI and dbx compressors because many customers still want the warmth of the old analog technology,� says Bengle.

The recording system features Klein + Hummel 5.1 monitors with a Pro M1012 monitor management system, WRC1012 remote control, Yamaha NS-10Ms, and Auratones with power amplification handled by Crown D-150 and D-75s. Synchronization is managed using a Mutec iClock master clock with redundant power supply, Rosendahl MIF3 LTC/MTC converter, Evertz 5010 24fps time code generator, 5950 time code reader, Brainstorm SR-15+ time code analyzer and distributor, and a Videotek VSG-201 sync generator.

Le Studio Mobile houses a 1080p high definition Panasonic 42i plasma display and three Sony KV8-AD10 video monitors.

An array of microphones include Shoeps, AKG, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice, Crown PZM, Shure, Beyer, Audio-Technica and Sony.

For more information on Le Studio Mobile, telephone 514-273-6861 or visit