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— The Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson, Styx’s Tommy Shaw and Sheryl Crow’s guitarist Peter Stroud are all thrilled with their VOX Virage models —

MELVILLE, NY, March 9, 2010 — Since their introduction, VOX’s Virage guitars have been steadily building a stellar reputation throughout the industry for their tone, feel and overall premium quality. Modern production techniques, combined with hands-on craftsmanship, result in a no-compromise instrument that is eminently playable, yet versatile enough to help players find their own distinctive voice. Several leading artists and players have been selecting Virage models onstage and in-studio, including The Black Crowes co-founder Chris Robinson, Styx’s Tommy Shaw and Peter Stroud, guitarist for multi-platinum artist Sheryl Crow.

While touring in support of the Black Crowes’ latest studio release, Before the Frost…Until the Freeze (2009, Silver Arrow),

Chris Robinson has been using VOX VGSCRD and VGSCBK Virage single cutaway guitars (in deep cherry and black, respectively). He stated, “The VOX Virage has fantastic balance. I love the different pickup selections and the scale of the neck.� Additionally, Robinson uses a VOX Heritage Collection AC30H2 hand-wired combo for his on-stage amp. He added, “The VOX Virage guitar and the AC30H2 both complement each other as a great package. I enjoy playing them together every night on tour – it brings me great satisfaction.�

Known for their hits “Come Sail Away,� “Mr. Roboto� and “Babe,� among many others, Styx has a several-decade legacy as one of rock’s premier acts. Throughout his tenure with the group, guitarist Tommy Shaw has been one of Styx’s most recognizable members, currently leading the band along with founding member James “J.Y.� Young. Having added a VOX Virage to his guitar arsenal, Shaw is vocal about his love for the instrument’s tone and feel. He noted, “The Virage – playing this guitar is like a surprise visit by an old friend.�

Over the years, Peter Stroud has played guitar with such acts as Dixie Chicks, Shawn Mullins, Peter Green, Pete Droge, Stevie Nicks and many more. But he is probably best known as lead guitarist (and often multi-instrumentalist) for nine-time GRAMMY® winner Sheryl Crow. Stroud has been using a VOX Virage guitar as part of his setup, and he is particularly fond of the instrument. He noted, “Virage has a great tone and feel – a new sound of its own, and very versatile.�

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