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leaf’s young master

Mo Su feels that he or she seemed to die once ground, the suffered dead dies in the past, don’t wake up, either so suffered.

She turned over a body, the quilt on the body almost slip under go, she just discover that the clothes on the body are changed, unfamiliar pajama brand-new of seem to be not worn, but be suffused with light aroma, have some to acquaint with ……

She thinks of yesterday, that figure, breath the breathing that seem to be still to have him to stay, but this unfamiliar room, with break off in the impression of she lets she the anti- Cape was about dreaming last night by himself/herself, is not drank too many illusions.

Mo Su is on the bed lie in a short while, finally think of bed at the time that curtain opened, but the door of room opened.

Mo Su turns absolute being to looking at a person that carry tray’s come in, “leaf any?”

“H’m hum.”The Song of the future doesn’t matter shrugs shoulders Bang, ” otherwise do you think to is who?”


Leaf any without telling anyone walks to come in and puts tray down, “this is the order of precious jade precious jade to make for you breakfast, milk, very good to the person who drank so much wine wound stomach.”

The person, who says, is her, Mo Su Pie Pie mouth, sit in seat of honor from the bed, but feel the head is more painful, “precious jade precious jade?”

“Prepare other breakfast for you in the down stairs.My coming up first to see you to come to don’t come to.”

Su of”oh ……” Mo is light of should a , “I yesterday ……”

“You were continuously to drink, pulled yesterday I didn’t make me leave and also said, why old sky of didn’t make our this spoony person combine together ……”

Unexpectedly he incredibly will he the words yesterday repeated a time of, the Mo Su’s face is immediately colourful, good-lookingly can.

“Also know that I am a spoony person at you so much, so even if is the fat meat of big piece to so automatically send to come, I can’t show interest, either.Still have ……please later Ms. Tung first amount of Dian by himself/herself for a while of capacity for liquor, the words say that Ms. Tung gets drunk really high-maintenance, I plus maid’s several personal resultant forces that the precious jade precious jade still has a home all taking you to have no a way.”

Su of Mo is deelpy ashamed for a while, odd pieces in the brain presents oneself to seem to be while coming in to ignore regardless of of be like a stairs top blunt, who also pull not to live her appearance.

“Is really ashamed ……” she embarrassedly says, “that, that I still have to do some affairs of misconducts ……”

“Have!”This man, be really honestly can.

“Shi, what?”

“In the evening precious jade precious jade for you after finishing changing clothes, you mouth stem of severe, she originally wants to feed you to drink water, because the step is convenient, make me deal with it …… then ……” makes reference to here, his hands encircle, a carriage for looking sideways:”Do you want to keep on listenning to?”

“……” What problem is this ?Since make reference to here, certainly, “want.”

“You are continuously to pull my hand to say, reading Chen don’t leave me ……I try to free from tangle your hand, but you are again like star anise octopus ground the neck that hug me, cry not to make me leave.If not that the your mouth inside repeatedly shouts the another man’s name, small silent ……do I really doubt whether you have been liking me?”Monster Over-Ear

For his tease, Mo Su didn’t smile nor blush and just had some to dejectedly say:”So …… the person in evening is you ……”

Leaf any picks eyebrow, “do you think to is who?”

300 I will think you have viewpoint to me
Mo Su choked in a short while, doing not know shoulded say what, by a happy chance see glass milk on the his hand, comply with the surrounding a way:”Not is say milk of precious jade precious jade bubble?Give quickly I, I am very thirsty.”.

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Leaf any picks eyebrow and knows that she is hasing intention to transfer a topic, pour to don’t reveal as well, without telling anyone passed the cup in the hand pass by.

Mo Su embraced cup to drink an one mouthful ……the felling a view of mightiness is staring at he or she, she lowers the head, after grinding teeth to drink up milk in the cup all only, that view hasn’t disappeared.

“Feed ……leaf’s young master, you looking at me like this, I will think that you have viewpoint to me.”

Leaf any studied her face up of facial expression, way:”That Ms. Tung is to want that continuing is foolish here, still under eats my wife considerate help you the breakfast of the lane?”

Say of seem the other people have no wife the ground is tired.

Mo Su should a , look in the eyes subconscious of in the room search for a while, then a fold clean clothes be got hold of in the moment, “wear precious jade precious jade first of, your clothes are all soiled ……we wait you in the down stairs.”Finish saying and then turn round to leave, will soon close the time of door, but listen to Mo Su calling 1-

“Leaf any.”

The his hand lifts up head to see her:”How?”

“The nothing important , just, thanks you.”

Leaf’s any Leng for a while, don’t pass the suffered trace of her face last flash across one silk sadness.What about him lips Cape, say with smile:”You and I am so polite, I will feel ashamed.”
Monster Over-Ear
The opportunity that didn’t give her the answer, he without telling anyone takes a door up the Meng.

Mo Su sits on the bed and looking at the empty cup on the hand stunned, in fact see the time of this glass milk her heart always at pain, still remember that at the beginning she is also a habitual of a glass milk carry to the someone in steeping evening, the eyebrow see tight Cu of someone, educate the ground say:”Who make your stomach not good, drink milk to keep stomach!”

Some matters of some people aren’t to say to hurt, hated, can forget.One is drunk to just show her her own pure heart.In her got drunk dream, his milli- is defenseless to intrude into, if isn’t this wine, probably she will be like all similar beguilement shes to women, she no longer loves him, and her one day there will will forget him.That the felling for deploring greatly, she makes an effort of suppress the felling of she’s emotion, all burst out in that a moment.Be like a leaf what any say, she admits mistake him into He Nian Chen, pulling his to say to beg him don’t walk.

Thought of these, the Mo Su’s corner of mouth starts to float a to put on to helplessly smile, she is a how proud person, in normal times in don’t say to beg him, is that he really needs to leave himself/herself, she can’t does to request to stay more, either.Also only is getting drunk time, the flimsiness climbs with full intention, let she didn’t take precautions against of make a show of the trueest she before person.  Monster Studio

BE a person, really tired.

Sighing is a , she gets up from the bed and washes a Zao in bathroom and wore Li Yao’s clothes well.Li Yao’s head is as just about as she, so the sizes of clothes are all very suitable.

Went crazy for a day last night, she must went to He Nian Chen’s grandmother and there connected kid to come over today.The time that thinks of a divorce, she feels that she may have a lot of affairs to want a processing.