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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, June 28, 2010 — Legendary recording, mixing and mastering engineer Bernie Becker has purchased a 16-channel AMS Neve Genesys console with 16 channels of dynamics and Encore moving-fader automation for his mastering facility in Pasadena, California, from Jason Cropper, Sales Account Manager at Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users. The portability of the compact console allows Becker, a recording studio owner for over three decades, and for many years also a touring monitor mixer and recording engineer for Neil Diamond, to easily transport the console between Bernie Becker Mastering and Diamond’s Arch Angel Studio in Los Angeles.

Becker’s decision to purchase the Genesys was based partly on his admiration for the collection of vintage Neve 1084 modules at Firehouse Recording Studios, where Bernie Becker Mastering

is located, and also his appreciation of AMS Neve’s flagship 88R console. “I noticed right away with the 88R that there was just something in the mic pre and the EQ that I liked,� comments Becker, whose son, Dale, works alongside him at the mastering studio. “When I first heard about the Genesys I thought it sounded like a combination that might work for me. The mic pres sound like a Neve, and the EQ is definitely that EQ. It’s easy and fun to use, and it really, really sounds good.�

He continues, “For the price you get 16 channels of classic sounding mic pres, 16 channels of classic EQ, musical dynamics, and 40 inputs channels to the mix buss. Plus, it comes with recall software. I love the fact that I can store a setup for each song, or for a tracking setup. I think it’s a great feature set, and I am very excited and pleased with its performance.�

Becker reports that he was very pleased with the exemplary service he received from Jason Cropper at GC Pro, the exclusive U.S. sales channel for the Neve Genesys. He was also thrilled to meet Robin Porter, Head of Analog Design for AMS Neve, who was in L.A. commissioning an 88R console around the time that Becker took delivery of his Genesys.

According to Becker, the console has proved extremely useful for stem mastering – working on groups of tracks rather than simply the stereo mix. “Sometimes people bring in a project that’s missing something. When you bring the mix up on the board and spread it out through 16 channels, and sum all those channels, it suddenly feels like there’s some movement,� says Becker, adding, “I like iron and wire!�

As he points out, the Genesys is more than just another analog console, offering close integration with the DAW: “One of the things I was looking for was a nice little controller; I get so frustrated mixing with a mouse! You’ve got eight extra stereo buss faders, and you can use them as subgroups or they can be assigned to a DAW mode so that you can use them to control your workstation.� A DAW input is one of four choices of input into each channel, and the master section also includes DAW transport control.

In addition to working on the many mastering projects that come into his facility, Becker frequently uses the rooms at Firehouse for recording projects and also mixes approximately 10 album projects a year. Becker, who has worked with Neil Diamond since 1989, has recorded, mixed and mastered almost 20 of his releases, including 2009’s “Hot August Night / NYC,� a live recording released as a DVD/CD package that debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, and was a CBS TV special that was watched by 13 million viewers, as well as a Christmas album.
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