To showcase their microphones, LEWITT did a live recording session at the renowned COSMIX Studios, located in the heart of Vienna. And the best is, that you can download the raw tracks of this song and mix it your way.

You’ll have an absolute blast mixing this song, with live performances by musical director and guitarist Thomas Hechenberger, Valentin Oman on the Fender Rhodes, David Leisser on drums, and Bernhard Osanna on double bass accompanying singer Celina Seilinger a.k.a. Celina Ann.

And of course, the fellas at LEWITT couldn’t resist holding a miniature mixing challenge among their team. It was Maximilian Schnutt who ultimately won this contest with some amazing results – watch the video and check it out for yourself! 

You get a live recording of the band (drums, upright bass, guitar and Fender Rhodes), two mono captures and one stereo capture of the room and three different vocal takes. No editing and no tuning was applied to these tracks, they are the RAW tracks!

Download the tracks and read more here: