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This event provided a penetrating look into the world of voice acting, with a large number of high-profile speakers and guests including Joe Cipriano, Alan Dedicoat, Peter Dickson, Marcus Bentley, and a host of other well-known “big league players” from the voiceover world.

Furthermore, the One Voice Conference presented a rare opportunity to gain an “inside view” of how the voiceover industry works and provided plenty of expert advice on how to break into and succeed in this deeply rewarding creative occupation.

The attendants were, of course, able to make their own test recordings with the LCT 440 PURE, the LCT 540 S, and the LCT 940. Joe Cipriano recorded and sent VO work for FOX news in Chicago, while Peter Dickson (Voice of the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent) recorded a piece just for us using the LCT 440 PURE in the Studiobricks booth – which was powered by Black Cat Music, sole distributor of Studiobricks for the UK.

We received great feedback from everyone who used our mics during the event. Mark Ryes, the One Voice Award winner in the category “Telephony/IVR – Overall Best Performance”, said: “I was very impressed with the sound of the LEWITT LCT 440 PURE and also with the way the acoustics worked in the Studiobricks booth from Black Cat.”

While One Voice Conference founder Peter Dickson said about his experiences with LEWITT microphones: “As a voiceover educator, LEWITT is exactly the kind of microphone producer I dream of. Whether it’s for beginners starting out or my own personal work, LEWITT are always an easy recommendation as they cater for everyone at a price which blows everyone else out of the water”.

While Hugh Edwards, One Voice Conference CEO, concludes: “Having LEWITT as a platinum sponsor at the One Voice Conference was the perfect match. With so many voiceovers hungry to get the best education and equipment to start their careers, we handled the education and LEWITT handled the equipment side by demoing their incredible range of mics and introducing a whole new generation of voice artists to microphones that drastically improves the quality of work that our industry is capable of producing.

All the positive feedback we’ve received leads us to conclude that LEWITT microphones fit the needs of voice artists perfectly thanks to the authentic and modern character of their sound.

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