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Limited Edition Producer Box Now Available To Order Through Kickstarter

Over $3,000 worth of software, sounds, sessions and tutorials for just $499!

Los Angeles, CA – Joachim Garraud’s Producer Box, a limited edition product that includes his latest studio album, a complete suite of software, plug-ins, and sounds, the session files from the making of his album, and video tutorials revealing his production techniques is now available to order exclusively through Kickstarter.With a retail value of over $3,000, this collector box is available until December 31, 2015 starting at only $499!

The Box

Created by the famous French Designer Sacha Lakic, the Producer Box has been crafted with only the highest quality materials and its sleek, modular design houses a CME XKey USB keyboard and 1TB USB3 hard drive containing all of the software, audio, and video files. Each limited edition Producer Box is numbered for added collector value.

The Software

Centered around Ableton Live 9 Standard Edition, the Producer Box contains all the software, plug-ins, and sounds needed to produce great music.

Included in the box are:

  • Ableton Live 9 Standard Edition
  • Lennar Digital Sylenth 1
  • Arturia Mini-V
  • Sugar Bytes Egoist
  • D16 Group LuSH-101 and Sigmund
  • UVI Digital Synsations, Grand Piano Model D
  • UVI $50 Vouncher
  • UVI Vintage Vault (first 100 backers)
  • Togu Audio line Bassline 101
  • VIProducer Bundles: Synth, Beatmaker, Drumshaper, Just After The Beat, Just The Beat, Just The Bass
  • Sample Magic AB: 50% discount code
  • Singomakers Future Wobble House Pack
  • Loopmasters: 25% discount code
  • Alonso Sound Special Producer Box Pack

The Sessions and Sound Bank

Not only can users open each song off the album and work on the sessions, but they will have access to the Master Session with exclusive plug-ins, presets, and Joachim’s personal sound bank of over 3,000 sounds, loops, FX, one-shots and more complied over 25 years of sound design and music production.

The Tutorials

Joachim shares his 25 years of production secrets through 20 exclusive video tutorials available in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese). These step-by-step videos show the production process in fine detail.

Each tutorial is between 19 minutes to 39 minutes and cover:

  • How to mix the voice in an instrumental. 
  • Why distortion is required in the electronic music production? What is the best way to control it and with what plug ins? 
  • Creative use of the delay to create rhythm or groove. 
  • Sound Design and electronic music, the perfect cocktail to have your own sound. 
  • Egoist, a perfect techno machine. 
  • How to create the perfect combination of vocoders, phasers, flangers, chorus, reverb, delay, EQ, filters, distortions. 
  • Bass and sub-bass, how to make the bass sound bigger? 
  • How to improve the sound of a mix with compressors, limiters, and mastering tools. 
  • Saturation and distortion: new ways to create your own sounds. 
  • Creating racks of instruments and play with the automation. 
  • How to add punch to your mix using side chains, gates and compressors. 
  • Special mastering. 
  • How to get the best Bass Drum available? 
  • How to get a broad mix, loud and clear? Understanding the phase and the stereo space. 
  • Organize Ableton Live to produce better and faster. 
  • My favorite plugins. 
  • Let’s do a song together from scratch. 
  • Let’s do a remix together from scratch. 
  • Optimize a recording session with a singer.

The Album

Joachim Garraud returns to his techno roots with the release of his new album ’96/24′. As the title suggests, the album features 17 new tracks in pristine 96khz / 24bit wav format for the highest possible listening experience.


Producer Box is available to order exclusively through Kickstarter now until December 31, 2015. The first 100 backers can order Producer Box for $499, after which the price is $599. There are also backing opportunities available from $20 and up.

Order on Kickstarter here.

About Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud has written, produced, co-written, co-produced and remixed with and for some of the planet’s most legendary artists – David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, Beyoncé, OMD, Deep Dish, The Eurythmics, Paul Johnson, Cassius, Ceronne, Moby and Robbie Rivera. In particular, it’s his work and extensive projects with David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Jean-Michel Jarre that have truly helped mold the direction of modern day electronica.

From developing one of the first ever live performance concepts, elevating the DJ beyond just a master of ceremonies, to the iconic Space Invader mascot; from his seminal residencies at The Boy, QUEEN and Space Ibiza to performances at Coachella, Love Parade, Technoparade, Inox Park, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Exit Festival and more – over the course of a quarter of a century Joachim Garraud has been instrumental in shaping the global scene we celebrate today.

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