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BEIJING, CHINA – Linear Acoustic, the leading authority in loudness control and upmixing solutions for digital television, is showcasing its complete line of audio control products at the 2009 BIRTV Convention, August 26-29, 2009 in Beijing, China (Booth 8A13).

“Since hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, China’s broadcast market has grown significantly, most specifically in the area of HD,� says Christina Carroll, vice president of sales and marketing for Linear Acoustic. “Since many of our products were developed specifically to handle the loudness and upmixing issues associated with broadcasting in HD and surround sound, it is important to us to be able to meet with our users in the market and inform them of the technologies available to solve their issues.�

Linear Acoustic provides solutions for loudness control for both transmission (AERO.air) and quality control and production (AERO.qc); upmixing (UPMAX:neo), monitoring


and distribution (e-squared).

The AERO.air (5.1) 10-Channel Transmission Loudness Manager is the world’s first TV audio processor to feature built-in Dolby® Pulse (Dolby’s implementation of HE AAC) and Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding. The AERO.air (5.1) unit is a third-generation solution designed to deliver 5.1 channel surround sound from a stereo source while maintaining balanced signal levels between all broadcast programming. Saving time, money and space, this key addition allows broadcasters to install one simple, easy-to-use unit to handle complete audio processing and encoding for local, network and EAS broadcasting. Incorporating an HD/SD-SDI input, this solution also provides air-proven dynamics processing to allow seamless integration of local two-channel audio and network 5.1 audio.

The AERO.air is available in three configurations to support needs ranging from simple dual stereo to 10 channels. Customers can purchase with confidence knowing that their investment can be upgraded to the fully featured version by purchasing an update that can be installed via the front panel in just minutes.

The AERO.qc Ingest Quality Controller allows users to fix loudness problems automatically and in real time as audio enters the plant and is fed into the ingest server. This ingest quality control system provides all of the tools necessary to get audio loudness right. The AERO.qc couples the ITU BS.1770 loudness-measurement specification with proprietary signal evaluation techniques to evaluate content and make adjustments. Operator intervention can range from full control of measurement and audio adjustment to highly automated processing that requires little oversight. Front-panel metering offers instant go/no-go feedback and precise loudness adjustment. Options include Dolby E/AC-3 decoding, additional advanced production upmixing algorithms, AERO-style multiband loudness and dynamic range control, metadata generation and monitoring, multichannel analog output with speaker EQ, and HD/SD-SDI input and output. A hardware remote volume and speaker control is available separately.

The Linear Acoustic UPMAX:neo eases the challenge of creating consistent, continuous 5.1 channel audio at a high standard of quality. The innovative audio processor creates an infinitely adjustable multichannel signal that is completely downmix-compatible and also serves as a uniquely effective solution for integrating legacy two-channel material into today’s 5.1-channel programs. Based on the award-winning upMAX 2251 product, the UPMAX:neo provides advanced processing in a compact, rugged 1-RU chassis. Additional upmixing capabilities have been incorporated to offer increased flexibility in post-production applications. Metadata input is standard, along with GPI inputs to control upmixing. Available options include HD/SD-SDI audio I/O and built-in metadata generation.

Designed to enable audio and metadata monitoring throughout the entire broadcast chain, the Linear Acoustic LAMBDA professional digital audio and metadata monitor displays and reproduces up to 16 audio channels from AES or embedded HD/SD-SDI input. The system accepts audio metadata via 9-pin serial input or extracts it from the VANC space of an applied HD-SDI input. Audio and metadata are displayed in combination to allow for accurate monitoring. Included loudness monitoring per ITU BS.1770 enables operators to verify program loudness quickly and accurately.

Any channel, channel pair, or downmix can be monitored through the powerful digitally amplified two-way aluminum alloy subwoofer and HF speakers, a front-panel headphone connector, or rear-panel balanced analog and AES digital output. Optional Dolby E/AC- 3 decoding can be performed internally on any discrete AES input or any embedded audio channel. All encoded metadata can be displayed and applied to the decoded audio and metering signals.

Linear Acoustic e-squared audio distribution system is capable of carrying 16 channels of audio and metadata in a single 48kHz, 20- bit AES pair to support multiple programs with surround sound and alternate languages. The e-squared system offers reference quality audio, minimal latency, superior resilience to transmission errors, and an automatic soft-bypass mode to allow the system to be installed in series with other coding systems such as Dolby E to support legacy content.

For more information about Linear Acoustic loudness products, visit Booth 8A13 at the BIRTV Conference & Exhibition in Beijing, China, or online at