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The moment when the ball from the hands of quarterback Matthew Stafford came, everyone knows the ball will be spread to whose hands. The ball pierced the night sky for a moment, let the dream moment of the Cowboys fans disillusioned, because the ball had fallen to the Lions took over calvin Johnson – today prominent among NFL players – the hands.

Lions[ Detroit Lions Jersey] of this season is no doubt something of a surprise to know that the end of the belly of the regular season, Lions or NFL history to a whole lost record in two seasons before, but this season, 4 wins and 0 lost but people start lion impressive victory has gradually become a habit of Detroit fans. Able to the Super Bowl defending champion Packers lead the league undefeated, tied, stands 6 feet 5 inches, calvin Johnson, known as “Megatron” is undoubtedly a great tribute to Vikings cornerback Chris library grams of view, “Megatron” in the title for a reason.

Body robust, calvin Johnson has always been Bing different talent and excellent physical fitness. This season, he finally had a good quarterback can the ball in his hand. Stafford [ Matthew Stafford Jersey] be selected by the Lions in 2009, most of the time and sat on the bench because of injury, but this season he has access to excellent condition, the confidence will be overflowing, he was always able to with penetrating pass alert to find Johnson, or high-altitude long pass to the tall Megatron calmly get rid of each other’s defense score.

Man can how defensive Megatron? See Johnson last Sunday to 34 than 30 points beat the Cowboys “deformed”, and his two of the array to help the Lions 24 points in the second half reversed.

Johnson [ Calvin Johnson Jersey] currently has tied the NFL a record that is four games in a row can contribute two touchdowns, he completed 24 catches for 321 yards forward. Johnson every two offensive touchdowns efficiency is unchanged, the number of touchdowns for his entire season will be unimaginable 32, which is basically in the video game to complete the feat.

Johnson, the outbreak of the Lions become NFL history to a consecutive two games in 20 points behind the case of complete reversal of the team, 24-point reversal Cowboys became the NFL away history.

Stafford, after the meeting of the 2007 draft, selected No. 2 overall pick by the Lions general manager Matt Mier Lin, Johnson also often plagued by injuries. The past four years, his 33 touchdowns also be regarded as high-yield, last season is considered the first year he entered the peak period, was first elected to the All-Star players.

Johnson and Stafford on Gemini is at the same time the outbreak, the Lions this once suffered criticized the team thoroughly reborn, the team has also ushered in the best start of 1980.

Before the start of last season, Hall of Fame wide receiver Chris Carter – had maintained four games in a row contributed two touchdowns record player, had criticized Johnson is more like an only NFL video game, a decent wide receiver. But saw “Megatron” after the Cowboys game, Carter had to recover the previous remarks, Johnson’s performance will no doubt let him be convinced, “calvin Johnson is the league’s top wide receiver. That is undeniable. “

Ultimately, the Lions ranked fifth in 2011, so, thanks to their quarterback Matthew Stafford and took over the excellent play of Calvin Johnson. In addition, the team sophomore, 23-year-old bad external Titus Young and comeback 23-year-old running back Jahvid Best[ Jahvid Best Jersey], and Mikel Leshoure will be the Lions’ offensive line provide tremendous support, first-round pick The front section Riley Reiff [Riley Reiff Jersey] will be the team’s future left tackle.

Meanwhile, the Lions the age of 25 outstanding young player still is dominated by the defensive group of players, these players help the team the previous season, the defense ranked 27 to 18 of last season, including as Ndamukong Suh [Ndamukong Suh Jersey], already famous superstar and 24-year-old the Tak Andrea Levy DeAndre Levy, the rapidly growing young linebacker, as well as 25-year-old system of security guard Louis Delmas Louis Delmas, and a 24-year-old Amari. Delmas the past two seasons and not too much to touch the ball a total of only three destruction pass, no steals record, but it still does not affect his position in the team, the team’s pass defense can not do without this outstanding young players.

For young Detroit Lions, we have reason to believe they will move far away than last season