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Listen to John and Helen Meyer’s KQED Radio Interview: “Inside Meyer Sound”

What do the Grateful Dead, Cirque du Soleil, and restaurant sound have in common? 

For over 40 years, John Meyer has been at the forefront of audio innovation. Many of his inventions were direct results of sound challenges faced by artists—like the Grateful Dead or Cirque du Soleil—or collaborative experimentation with such pioneers as restaurant Comal and “MythBusters.”

This week, John and Helen Meyer were invited to join KQED “Forum” radio show host Rachel Myrow as part of the “First Person series profiling the leaders, innovators, and others who make the Bay Area unique.” They discussed their ongoing quest for new high-quality experiences in live concerts and beyond, the exploration of the effects of low frequencies on the human body, and Mickey Hart’s special audio surprise for the Grateful Dead’s upcoming farewell shows.

“Both the Grateful Dead and Cirque du Soleil don’t care about how efficient or cheap we can build things for them. This allows us to really figure out the essence of the experience… They have always allowed us to push the envelope, and that’s how you really learn.”

-John Meyer, President and CEO, Meyer Sound

Listen to the full radio show here.