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Loud, Clean Harbinger VâRI Loudspeakers Offer Sleek New Design

Thousand Oaks, CA—September 2016…With ample power to spare and an attractive new look, Harbinger’s VâRi 2200 Series 2-way powered loudspeakers are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications and venues. Lightweight and equipped with a 1 3/8-inch pole mount, these multipurpose speakers offer a fresh, modern, angular look and improved electrical and acoustic design. The VâRi series includes two full-range speakers and a subwoofer.

The full-range V2212 features a 12-inch low-frequency driver and is ideal for spoken word, vocals, acoustic instruments, and anyone looking for exceptional articulation and detail. The V2215 full-range system, with its 15-inch woofer, delivers even more deep bass, making it a great choice for DJs and full bands.

Each full-range speaker is driven by 600 watts of clean, clear Class D amplification. A new optical limiter offers lighting fast response to stop potentially damaging transient peaks. Balanced top and side handles make transportation easy, and a rugged steel grille protects the drivers from the risks of the road. The V2212/15 also have a defeatable, front-mounted, LED clip indicator to help you know from a distance when you are overdriving the speakers.

Thanks to a built-in three-channel mixer and two-band EQ, Harbinger VâRi loudspeakers are well suited to a wide variety of applications. Mixer Channel 1 offers a switchable mic/line input with XLR and ¼-inch jacks, while Channel 2 sports ¼-inch and RCA line inputs and Channel 3 employs a 1/8-inch Aux input that’s perfect for mobile audio devices. The VâRi V2212 and V2215 also feature a XLR balanced line out, so you can hook up multiple speakers—perfect for conferences, larger or odd-shaped venues, and more.

Although the VâRi V2212 and V2215 deliver solid low end, adding a VâRi V2218S subwoofer provides even more richness and warmth for acoustic and vocal performances and delivers heart-thumping, wall-shaking sub-lows that are ideal for live bands and DJs. Featuring an 18-inch low-frequency driver, powered by 1,500 watts of Class D amplification, the V2218S includes an integrated crossover with selectable 90/120 Hz frequency control, input level control, and convenient 0°/180° input-polarity switch for optimizing phase relationships in multiple-speaker setups. The subwoofer sports two XLR/¼-inch combo inputs and selectable full-range link or highpass XLR outputs.

As with the full-range speakers, the VâRi V2218S is protected by an optical limiter. There is also a defeatable, front-mounted, LED clip indicator—a feature not normally found in this price class. Heavy-duty casters, balanced side handles, a rugged steel grille, and a sturdy 1-3/8” pole mount complete the package.

Harbinger VâRi Series loudspeakers are available now in stores and online. The V2212 carries a street price of $229.99, while the V2215 is priced at 249.99, and the V2218S streets at $499.99.