Louis Vuitton has recently had a piece of explosive news from the Shanghai

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Louis Vuitton has recently had a piece of explosive news from the Shanghai LV flagship store outgoing, the Chinese mainland and the firstLVflagship store what news? Listen to me slowly said to you. Shanghai Henglong Plaza LV flagship store has launched a handmade studio, LV Louis Vuitton handmade studio is well known in the world, but not rare, but in Shanghai Henglong Plaza LV flagship store launched hand work chamber is located in the world 's firstLVstores arts studio <strong><a href="http://www.louisvuitton2012handbag.com/">louis vuitton outlet</a></strong>.

The studio is very attractive, is also very ornamental. Because it is the first opened in the LV store within the handmade studio, so in practice at the beginning will attract a wide range of media and consumer attention, we all look forward to a line of international major suit fashion world, a glimpse of luxury leather goods production style. It opened in the stores, allows customers to buy at the same time to watch theLVquality of the production process, from another side, also attracted clients curiosity, but also to enhance the brand image <strong><a href="http://www.louisvuitton2012handbag.com/">louis vuitton outlet store</a></strong>.

In the handmade studio, Louis Vuitton replica buyers can still be clear and complete seeLVleather production process, includingLV,LVhard suitcase suitcase, a variety ofLVclassic. But in the handmade studio can also provide services such as LV, LV bag personalized custom clothing tailored, LV leather lettering stamping, after sale service, repair and maintenance and other services, you can track studio service personnel to participate in their own LV design, production, services and so on <strong><a href="http://www.louisvuitton2012handbag.com/">louis vuitton outlet online</a></strong>.