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Guide very carefully"Even if people leave the university campus for many years, can hold it, choosing the right courseAmong the group of students to pay "penalty operating Xiaojin be older. "Are generally freshmen do not understand the error, my error is very low-level, louis vuitton outlet online are forgotten."

Speaking of things have to start from the copying of this the "elective notice". The full name of the "elective notice louis vuitton outlet how students in online schools is the first semester of the 2012 - 2013 school year freshmen and 2,009 students elective notify each semester season of the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, in simple terms, the guidance of teachers own elective guide.

Up to 2000-word guide is very detailed, and very carefully, and we even have to leave the university campus years, holding this guide Nengkanmingbai what should, including online registration for the next semester.The guide is divided into six steps, and have done a detailed introduction, how to exit from the login time, login steps. In addition to text, the guide also spent screenshot key at doing highlighted in red, playing underscore multiple ways to remind students what should sign the elective system.

Students very carelessThis lesson did not choose, I only louis vuitton outlet sale next year re-election, more trouble ah. "

Despite this, this depletion teacher painstaking the "elective notice" or some students did not take a good look. Xiao Jin is one of them. "I just log into the student number, password." Said Xiaojin memories, Course in the first round on September 19 this year, he put the election of "compulsory, elective and public elective" selected cheap louis vuitton outlet , chosen to forget the election "practical classes".

Soon, the time courses of the first round, second round, third round, too. The final deadline Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Online is October 5, Xiaojin discovered: "It's over, I forgot optional practical classes!"Class students in the the "elective notice" under the guidance of the election of the course, with the exception of the only Xiaojin a dumbfounded: "Zaban ah? Lesson did not choose, I only next year re-election, more trouble ah. '

Squad ran behalf Xiaojin trip school teaching Management Division, trot back to tell the little gold: "easy to handle, easy to handle, there is a chance-election!" Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Then the good news is bad news for the rest: "But have to elect lesson notify copied three times! "Handsheets very bothered"I was think this thing is pretty boring, did not make much sense."

October 5, Xiaojin downloaded from the Internet, this detailed the "elective notice", over and over, picked up a pen and paper http://www.louisvuittonoutletgoo.com/ copying. Habits of college students to copy and paste on the computer, and even see the notes of the students are directly dig phone shot down the face of a clearly can print, copying copy the "elective notice", had a stroke at slow slow copy, Xiaojin feel silent: "There is no need Well, this thing never even ah?"