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Low Profile Martin Audio Monitors Solve Problems At Big Boi Concert

Miami, FL—Asked about the biggest challenge for a concert and live recording-streaming of a Big Boi at the popular SOBE club in South Beach, Harold Cummings, owner of Drummer Boy Productions and system tech for the show was very clear.

“My biggest problem was stage size, recounts Cummings. “First, it was a sold out show and the club was packed to the limit. They didn’t want to give up any more space for staging. The club’s own stages but were too small for all of the instruments, performers and monitors, so we had to come up with a custom stage and get the sound live.

A big part of the solution was Harold’s choice of Martin Audio monitors. “We used Martin’s LE1200 monitors, their compact size and high output made a difficult show so easy. We had to do multiple mixes for the DJ and the guitar

players, plus three up front for Big Boi and his singer because they needed to be loud with everything else that was going on. The rest of the monitors were spread out throughout the band area. It sounded great and more than loud enough. In fact, we had to turn it down a few times. But, as always with Martin, it’s a nice clean loud.�

In addition to Martin Audio, Cummings used his newly acquired Allen & Heath iLife digital T112 console which he describe as “one of his best investments of the last two years.�

“The most amazing thing was the low profile visual impact of the monitors,� Harold concludes. “We had a short stage with a 4-camera set up because of the subs alongside; we couldn’t have big bulky monitors getting in the way of the cameras. So with the Martins, we could get extremely high levels, but you couldn’t see anything on stage when were video recording and sending it out on a live feed, because the LE1200s had such a low profile.�

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