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Lyn Stanley Cuts Rare One-Step Vinyl at Bernie’s

Jazz chanteuse Lyn Stanley has mastered her new album "The Moonlight Sessions - Volume One" at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood.

“The Moonlight Sessions” Premieres at Munich HiEnd Show

Pictured (L-R) in the cutting room are mastering engineer Bernie Grundman and jazz artist Lyn Stanley. Photo by David Goggin.

Jazz chanteuse Lyn Stanley has mastered her new album “The Moonlight Sessions – Volume One” at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Recorded by Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick, mixed by Michael Bishop, and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The exceptional “one-step” process vinyl release will debut at the Munich HiEnd Show on May 20, release date May 30. Volume Two, mixed by Al Schmitt, will be mastered in June for release October, 2017.

“Bernie has been with me from the beginning of my singing career in 2013,” says Stanley, who has become a favorite with jazz recording purists and critics alike. “He suggested I consider vinyl and it has become a hallmark of my work. To this day, Bernie does all of my vinyl and all of my test press checking. He works diligently with me on the one-step pressing process, which is a return to the superb days of LPs in the 1950s.”

Vinyl records are made by first cutting grooves in a lacquer-coated aluminum disc. After the cut lacquer is quickly metal-plated, the metal is separated from the lacquer, producing a rigid metal part that can be used to press records in a “one-step” process. In the conventional world of record manufacturing the metal part (called “the father”) is again plated resulting in a playable grooved disc commonly referred to as “the mother”. The “mother” can then be plated to produce a stamper that’s used to press records in the common “three-step” process. True audiophiles prize one-step releases as the highest vinyl fidelity available.

“It’s expensive to do it this way, because it requires a lot of studio time, but it makes a phenomenal difference in fidelity,” says Stanley, who releases her work in limited-edition versions, numbered vinyl records, reel-to-reel tape and SACDs, with high-resolution downloads soon to be available.

In Part-Time Audiophile, the lifestyle magazine covering the world of high-end audio, John Stancavage writes, “Six years ago, Lyn Stanley was a retired marketing executive wondering if she could pass muster for her church choir. Today, she’s an internationally known jazz vocalist whose award-winning audiophile recordings feature A-list musicians, producers and engineers. While Stanley has carved a niche in the high-end world, her albums go far beyond clinical speaker-testing tools. They practically ooze a lush, emotional atmosphere that only happens on those rare occasions when great players are allowed to stretch out in a relaxed, inspired setting. Add to that a tasteful, intelligent singer who practically has ‘sultry’ permanently appended before her name, and you have a very attractive package.”

Lyn Stanley has sold over 33,000 albums worldwide since her August 2013 debut. This project will be the 4th and 5th albums in her recording career.
“The Moonlight Sessions, Volume One and Volume Two.”
Produced by Lyn Stanley; assistant producers Mike Garson and John Chiodini.
Special Limited Edition; One Step Pressing 180g, 45RPM:
Volume One: 2000 copies (150 Beta Test Pressings at the Munich HiEnd Show)
Volume Two: 2000 copies

The name Bernie Grundman is synonymous with Mastering.  His world-renowned facilities, responsible for a consistently large percentage of chart recordings, were launched in 1984.  In 1997, Grundman opened his Tokyo mastering studios and in 1998 relocated to expanded facilities in Hollywood. Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood operates six studios, including a 5.1 mastering room.  All processing devices can be completely bypassed, resulting in sonic quality that is unsurpassed in the mastering industry.  Virtually all digital and analog formats are accepted for mastering, with the facility providing high quality disk masters, and sub-masters for CD.  Grundman’s custom consoles are built in-house with all discrete electronics.