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Mac eyeliner make your eyes very three-dimensional.

Thick eyeliner, false eyelashes, your eyes also look very three-dimensional. Liquid eyeliner best color uniform, easy to color and long-lasting, but the Achilles heel? Difficult on makeup, to not hard at practice hard for some time, it may be difficult to master the use of cheap mac makeup liquid eyeliner skills. So we consulted a makeup artist, and teach us how to make liquid wholesale mac makeup eyeliner to draw more smoothly. First and most important is the angle of the mirror, the face of the mirror lash line has a major drawback: Your hand will hinder your sight, you can not look at the draw process. Therefore, we recommend that you put the make-up mirror face bottom of the table on a 45 degree angle, then lift and desktop, elbows on the desktop, a hand eyes looking down in the mirror, so that your eyelashes roots glance, the description from the eyeliner does not block their line of sight.

]How to draw the cheap mac cosmetics outlet eyeliner to make natural effect: First to fill the gap between the lashes with eyeliner, then connected into a line. Try to draw along the outline of the eye, the effect is relatively mild nature. Want to exaggerated effect on the eye end place pick, make vivid eyes and charm. Eyeliner smear the thickness. As thin and light as possible, at one go, not to have been re-apply. “People have misunderstood at this point, someone will draw a very thick eyeliner to achieve the effect of a big-eyed cat. Really do not like this, as long as you use liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line will be able to achieve this effect. Thin fine The black eyeliner enough to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. “