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Mackie DL32R Mixer Shines at Easy Music Center’s Weekly Jams

Honolulu, Hawaii — May 2015… The next time you’re in Honolulu on the first Thursday of the month, stop in at the Easy Music Center between 5 and 6:30 p.m. and join the monthly jam session. It’s a lot of fun, the store supplies the gear, and the mixes created on the store’s new Mackie DL32R digital mixer sound amazing.

“We host a variety of clinics and workshops, and the DL32R is a huge advantage,” states Easy Music Center’s Jericho Sombrio. “It’s easy to use and sounds great! The new Mackie preamps are amazing. They’re loud and clear, with lots of low end. And we love the DL32R’s small footprint.”

Disruptively different from traditional mixer configurations, the DL32R delivers 32 channels of thoroughly professional I/O and DSP in a compact (3 RU) stage box, with total comprehensive wireless control via an iPad® using Mackie’s free Master Fader app.

“Wireless mixing with an iPad and Master Fader is very convenient, and the ability to do a virtual soundcheck works great for us,” notes Sombrio. “Also, the DL32R has digital gain control, and with that and the iPad, I can easily gain-stage the system without any help.”

The Mackie DL32R incorporates all the advantages of a physical digital console, including subgroups and mute groups, VCAs, and matrix buses. It also features wireless control over multitrack direct-to-disk recording, as well as an option to record to Mac or PC without additional hardware. Multiple iOS devices can be used simultaneously, enabling individual mix stations for any musician with an iPhone®.

“The recording functions are very cool,” says Sombrio. “When a singer/songwriter performs at the Thursday jam session, we encourage others to come up and play with them. People who might not have played with other musicians in years get a chance to have fun playing in a band again. We record as much as we can with the DL32R, and as people walk out, we play it back, which adds a coolness factor.”

Using the DL32R for the First Thursday jams has turned out to be great for the Easy Music Center staff’s reputation, as well. “People hear the live mixes and high-quality recordings made with the Mackie DL32R, and they realize that when we discuss gear with them, we know what we’re talking about,” explains Sombrio. “And of course the artists get to hear a live recording of their work immediately after the performance. We’re truly thrilled with this mixer!”


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