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Madman three questions CR7 reflection

experienced the level of storm, Real Madrid are determined to C Ronaldo playing club banner. Thursday “Marca” again C for auction on its cover, and messed around with a white font white banner headline, the newspaper said C Ronaldo, Real Madrid team, club executives have made a decision to separate the so-called “C Luo unhappy incident. “
C Luo said: “Now Quite possibly to win the championship the real deal Madrid.” The Mourinho C, an informal conversation, untie the knot C Lo. C Ronaldo, the important Madrid captain who expressed comfort and support, and also pointed out that he publicly announced by means of expression of dissatisfaction is wrong. Regardless, the club completely that, as far as things go, these club to concentrate to use well as well as bet on the league and Champions League.
In fact, C is amazingly receptive to their public expression of dissatisfaction considering the club provides and what the punishment. Fortunately, Mendes and Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, his agent, the club Florentino an in depth, within the mediation of Mendes contradictions ultimately couldn’t water. , C Luo Just before express their dissatisfaction, indeed no Mourinho to communicate, because Mourinho C Lo then do very wrong.
C Luo to form trouble, Mourinho neither call comfort C Luo said, didnrrrt accuse him, he takes the approach of cold treatment, he let C Luo remember yourself. Here, C Luo are aware of the start reconciliation pace should own anf the husband realizes that communication and Mourinho, no short time period can be performed. So, Wednesday C Zloty former two hours located Real Madrid Barr Derbyshire Bath Sports City, hesitating for the arrival of Jose Mourinho. The appearance of Mike Mussina, we were holding some in-depth and detailed communication, in accordance with insiders said, the communication connected with a total of three themes, the first the criticism of Mourinho, Mike Mussina, C Luo probably should not What issues are come across people, his remark concluded in an excessive amount of speculation, causing very bad relation to the original Madrid; Secondly, Mourinho told C-renewal of things are not to be right now, because he was in the club a partnership summer of 2015, expires batch that we get is a great time to explore renewal of; Third, the club will even recognize the feelings from the C Luo in numerous occasions, and also latter will likely make every effort to help with the C Luo.

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