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In this make up game

Now, with a sponge or a tad damp cloth smooth the foundation until it is blended completely on your face.First, a beauty makeup tip would be to purchase these items, a good MAC cosmetics outlet moisturizer, and an easy to apply foundation, eye shadow, eye concealer, blush, and mascara. Next, for your eye makeup tip, apply a small amount of eye shadow on the eyelid only, use the eye shadow as an eyeliner, and run the applicator under your bottom eyelashes.
In this make up game, the object is to steer your car down a city street and apply your makeup at the same time.The premise is that you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and didn’t have time to apply makeup at home so you decide to put it on while driving. (Note: for your own safety and the safety of others, please don’t do this. Ever.)Also, if you choose the wrong color, you could end up with cheap MAC cosmetics green blush or pink eye shadow on your lips. The fewer hazards you hit, the more your score goes up. Let that be a lesson for real life, girls.