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Maluma Drops the Beat with DPA Microphones

Front of House Engineer Selects Variety of Microphones for the Colombian Reggaeton Singer's Live Performances

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, JULY 14, 2016 – When Front of House Engineer Lucas Pinzón was looking for the ideal drum set microphone solution for Colombian urban music performer Maluma’s kits, he selected DPA Microphones for the company’s reputation of producing high-quality results with unparalleled sound. Included among the DPA mics that the engineer chose for the artist’s Mexico performances were the d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones, d:dicate 2011C Recording Microphone and the d:facto Handheld Microphone, with both the 4018V and the new 4018VL capsules. 

Pinzón had previous experience with the d:vote range of mics in a jazz festival setting and decided to use them for this project because “the d:vote 4099B for Bass aimed towards the bridge of the double bass was amazing, so I decided to try it on the drum kit,” he explains. “The d:vote 4099D for Drums can be adjusted to match the sound I am looking for in the high hats, cymbals and toms. I also incorporated the d:dicate 2011C with the snare and the sound it produces is just like having the drum right next to you; it’s remarkable.”

In addition to using DPA’s to mic the instruments, Pinzón also selected the brand’s d:facto Handheld Microphone for Maluma’s main vocals. “We were all pleasantly surprised by the tone and quality of sound that we got with this microphone,” adds Pinzón, who switches between the 4018V and 4018VL capsule options depending on which vocalist he is using the mic on. “At FOH, it’s great how the vocal line sits in the spot where I want it, so I can mix a natural sound. All of the DPA microphones have been great for my EQ and dynamic processing.”

The new d:facto Linear Vocal Microphone, which features the 4018VL capsule, has an extremely linear frequency response compared to the original d:facto Handheld Microphone’s 4018V capsule which has a soft boost at 12kHz. Both capsules have an isolation-optimized supercardioid polar pattern specifically designed to augment the human vocal range and combines the best of cardioid and supercardioid characteristics, just like its predecessor.

With Maluma preparing for his next tour, Pinzón is already planning his miking options. “I would love to have a complete DPA-miked drum kit and set of vocal capsules with me for the upcoming tour,” he says. “We will be performing everywhere from small venues to huge stadiums and arenas, and I feel that DPA Microphones will give me the best support. DPA mics have a small footprint and don’t require much space in the racks. They are also great looking – due to their compact size – in addition to having incredible sound quality.”

At only 22 years old, Maluma (whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias) is quickly becoming one of Latin America’s greatest urban music performers.


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