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Marian University’s Indy Cycloplex Selects WorxAudio

High speech intelligibility and broad dispersion ideal for sports venue

Indianapolis, Indiana—April 2015… Situated on the grounds of Marian University (, the Indy Cycloplex is home to races, clinics, and other events in four cycling disciplines. The grounds at the Indy Cycloplex are also home to a cyclocross course and a national-caliber BMX track. There’s a full schedule of events each year, so the ability to communicate effectively is critical. To ensure the best possible audio performance, Marion University recently installed a new TrueLine XL3 all-on-one compact line array from WorxAudio® Technologies, a division of PreSonus® Audio Electronics.

Equipment manufacturers’ representation firm Tech Solutions + Sales coordinated the Marion University transaction while Comlink Network Services of Indianapolis handled the installation. David Fellabaum, President of Tech Solutions + Sales, discussed the Indy Cycloplex project and the decision to deploy the WorxAudio XL3 line array system.

“Because the venue has a significant area to cover, the wide coverage pattern of the XL3 line array made it an excellent choice for this project,” Fellabaum explained. “In addition, the venue had few mounting locations, and the XL3’s design enabled us to mount the line array in the most ideal location. The XL3 line array is installed at the top and directly behind the grandstand. It sits behind a mesh banner, making it virtually invisible from the field and stands. The weatherized exterior finish of the enclosure, combined with the system’s great speech intelligibility, assures that the loudspeaker will deliver years of dependable outdoor service and that announcements will be clearly heard.”

The WorxAudio XL3 all-in-one compact line array incorporates three medium-format, one-inch exit compression drivers, coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former that delivers clear and penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area. The XL3 has a horizontal dispersion pattern of 160 degrees and a vertical pattern of 40 degrees. Six 8-inch cone transducers, coupled to the (A.I.M.) Acoustic Integrating Module, minimize comb filtering throughout the line array’s entire operating range.

With many installations of this nature, responsive customer and technical support services can make all the difference. In this regard, Fellabaum rates WorxAudio Technologies’ support Best in Class. “This loudspeaker system was deployed on a very tight schedule,” he said. “The system was installed in September and was placed into service immediately afterward. With a very tight timeline, the WorxAudio team kept us updated throughout the build process and provided us with necessary technical information to prepare the installation site. As such, the loudspeaker system was installed and commissioned with very little effort.”

With the new WorxAudio XL3 line array up and running at the Indy Cycloplex, Fellabaum reports his client is very pleased. “We’ve received nothing but compliments on the new loudspeaker setup,” he reports. “Both the participants and attendees at the various events have taken notice of the clear, natural sound quality. It’s made a huge difference!”

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Photo Information: Indy Cycloplex