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Martin Audio Installed in Upscale Long Island Restaurants

Global Audio Systems recently installed Martin Audio CDD for an audio upgrade in Rare650, an exclusive steak and sushi restaurant in Syosset, NY, that worked out so well they eventually replaced sound systems in the client’s three other high end eateries.

Asked about the install, Global owner Jason Ojeda responds, “It’s a high-ticket venue that primarily caters to a sophisticated crowd. They needed a powerful and visually unobtrusive sound system for the bar and dance floor that could deliver smooth, consistent coverage and superior audio for more intense late-night party crowd music that ranges from Top 40 to disco.

“They were blowing speakers left and right with the original PA and there wasn’t any signal processing. So, we designed a new system with BSS BLU-100 and six Martin Audio CDD10’s, four CDD6’s and two CSX112 subs. The CDD10’s are mounted discreetly in the ceiling facing downwards over the main bar area, and the CDD6’s are in the vestibule, waiting areas, and restrooms. The CSX112’s are wall-mounted across from the bar.”

Jason opted for CDD because it “offers amazing dispersion in its horizontal coverage pattern with a wide frequency response and outstanding vocal intelligibility that causes less ear fatigue for the customer so they stay at the venue longer, which in turn increases revenue. The wider dispersion also allows us to use less speakers to provide more coverage, saving money and installation time.

“In fact, the client loved the system so much, they asked us to replace the audio in all four of the Anthony Scotto restaurants, including One North, a Mediterranean restaurant new-build in Jericho, NY.”

According to Jason, “One North was a challenging venue because of its 25-foot high ceilings and reflective surfaces. Plus, they didn’t want to see any speakers.

“We had to custom-fabricate special speaker pockets into the acoustic panels that hang down from the ceiling to offset reflections from the marble and other hard surfaces in the venue. Then we strategically placed four CDD12’s, 12 CDD10’s and 12 CDD6’s into those pockets to cover the bar, dining area and private party rooms.

“The energy from the speakers is focused down onto the customer,” he continues. “The biggest thing about CDD in One North is the coaxial differential dispersion technology that allows us to control the vertical pattern and minimize reflections off the walls. We were able to provide uniform coverage with tremendous clarity and musical-sounding, full-range reproduction that customers can enjoy without being overpowered by volume levels.”

Summing up, Jason adds, “Martin Audio CDD speakers are incredibly efficient and have the sound quality, wide dispersion and control that make them the ideal choice for these kinds of installs.”

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