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Martin Audio WPM Deployed in New York’s Congregacion Cristiana

A Martin Audio WPM system was recently installed in New York City’s Congregacion Cristiana church by Sound Video Lighting of the Dominican Republic.

Bronx, NY––Through a unique series of circumstances, Sound Video Lighting of the Dominican Republic designed and installed a Martin Audio WPM system for the Congregacion Cristiana church in New York City.

As explained by SVL’s Jonathan del Villar, “the church’s pastor is from the Dominican Republic and has been a good friend for years, so he made a special request for our company to do the audio installation.

“The church purchased a new system when they moved their Sunday services to a new venue in a small 560-seat school theater next door. We chose WPM based on the control it provides because the venue has a great deal of natural reverberance and is not acoustically treated. The WPM’s Hard Avoid® feature allows us to keep the sound off the ceiling and the back wall and focus the energy on the audience.”

Given that the church uses the system for both spoken word and live music reproduction of a contemporary worship band with electric guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and three vocalists, SVL deployed four white WPM a side and a CSX218 sub floor-mounted in front of the stage. Amplification is provided by a Martin Audio iK81 amp with two box resolution for optimum coverage and clarity in the space.

Jonathan adds, “We also chose WPM because the church is growing fast and when they move to a bigger venue in the next year or so, Wavefront Precision’s scalable resolution will allow them to grow the system up to 16 boxes a side for a larger venue which made it a great choice for the future.

“In terms of the audio quality, the system sounds very clear––you can hear every word in every seat and the music sounds great without too much sound energy on stage which allows the band members to use in-ear monitors. The church is happy with WPM system in terms of audio quality, uniform coverage and sonic control.”

Commenting on the installation, Berenice Gutierrez, Director of ProActive Latin America, concluded: “This project was a challenge not just for SVL but also for Martin Audio and ProActive because of the location of this church. We needed to get confirmation and delivery time plus the implementation and installation took no more than two weeks from first quote until installation. It all worked out really well. SVL has been doing great installations and this one was no exception.”

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