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Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski Announces “1340 Mission” Studio Complex

San Francisco Studios Include Mastering, Recording, Mixing and “The Tape Project” Headquarters
San Francisco, CA – December 2, 2009 – Mastering Engineer Michael Romanowski has announced that he has taken over the lease, with partner producer/engineer Matt Boudreau, on the building that houses a wide range of music activities and rooms for mastering, recording and mixing and is now called “1340 Mission” ( Romanowski has revamped the mastering room at 1340 Mission, offering premium mastering services with a new desk and outboard gear. The studio also has a unique ATR 102, 1-inch, 2-track tape machine with electronics by Tim de Paravicini (EAR). Mastering engineer Paul Stubblebine has run the studio complex since 2002 and continues to work out of the newly appointed mastering room for his own specialty projects.

The studios at 1340 Mission also include Broken Radio Studios (



Matt Boudreau runs the 1960’s Bill Putnam-designed studio that includes the largest live room in San Francisco. In addition, the studio complex houses “The Tape Project” (, an audiophile label that releases music on 1/4-inch tape. All of the mastering and tape-dubbing for The Tape Project is done on-site. Romanowski is partners with Paul Stubblebine and equipment designer Dan Schmalle ( on The Tape Project. Other engineers and producers with rooms at 1340 Mission include Michael Winger and John Greenham.

Recently Romanowski was appointed the Chairman of the P&E Wing of the San Francisco NARAS Chapter, and also serves on their Board of Governors. He continues to be busy in the Bay Area music community after 15 years in San Francisco. “I moved from Nashville to be in this vibrant musical town. It really is a wellspring of producers, bands, and live performance venues. I have met so many great musicians and producers and mastered many of their records over the years. Recently, I’ve also been getting more worldwide mastering requests through the connection power of the Internet. I welcome new clients to make an appointment to bring in their mixes and hear them in the newly outfitted room,” said Romanowski.

“With the addition of the Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers, enhanced room tuning by Bob Hodas, and other analog and digital gear, I can offer the highest possible mastering experience for artists, producers, engineers and record labels nationwide – and worldwide,” continued Romanowski.

In a major reconfiguration of the mastering room, Romanowski has installed a new Sterling Modular desk with the Manley Mastering Backbone Analog Insert Controller, along with the Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers installed and set up by acoustician and room designer Bob Hodas. Paul Stubblebine’s Custom Scully/Neumann/Pass vinyl record lathe has also been added to the mastering room. Romanowski commented, “The new studio equipment additions have really made the room a joy to work in. You can listen to the Focal’s all day long without ear fatigue. And the speakers are extremely accurate, so that everything I master translates very well outside the Mastering room. My clients are really pleased.”

Michael Romanowski has mastered music in the Bay Area since his move from Nashville in 1994. He traces his legacy through several generations of mastering engineers in the Bay Area from George Horn and Phil Brown to Paul Stubblebine. Romanowski has worked with Stubblebine for over 15 years and is now learning from him how to cut record lacquers on the lathe. Romanowski has mastered releases from rock and jazz to punk and folk. Some of the artists he has worked with include Badfinger, Pete Ham, Norton Buffalo, The Dynamites, Joe Craven, Too Short, E-40, Jacqui Naylor, Mimi Fox, The Samples, Jim Campilongo, Dredg, Daddy, Dallas Wayne, Houston Jones, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Trichromes, Pat Monahan, The Radiators, Runaways UK, The Wilted, and Free Peoples.

The 1340 Mission studios, and Michael Romanowski’s mastering room, utilize the following equipment: Sonic Studio SoundBlade, Pacific Microsonics Model 2 A/D/A converters (3), Focal Grand Utopia EM speakers, Manley Mastering Backbone Analog Insert Controller, EAR 825 (pair), EAR 660 (pair), EAR 822 (pair), EAR 823 (pair), Scully Cutting Lathe with Neumann cutting head and custom Pass electronics, Weiss DS1 MK3, Weiss EQ1 Mk2 LP, Zsys Q6, Zsys CL6, TC 6000,  Dolby SR/A  cards, ATR 102 – (1-inch two track) – (1/2-inch two track) – (1/4-inch two track) – (1/4-inch four track), ATR 104, Ampex MM1200 (1-inch Eight track, 1-inch two track), Studer A820 with 16 track and 24 track heads with 24 channels of Dolby SR/A, Studer A80 (1/2-inch, 1/4-inch) Sonic Solutions HD, and Steinberg Nuendo 4.

Contact Michael Romanowski at (510)-761-5520. Visit the 1340 Mission studios website for more information and links at: and

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