Masterpiece School Of Mastering Announces Fall Schedule


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas - August 2008 -- Masterpiece School of Mastering, an intensive three-day course covering all aspects of the professional mastering process, announces that it will be hosting two school sessions this fall. Held on South Padre Island at the southern end of Texas' beautiful Gulf coast, the first session is scheduled to run from September 11-13, while the second will take place from November 13-15.

Taught by veteran mastering engineer Billy Stull, owner of Masterpiece Mastering and pro audio equipment manufacturer Legendary Audio, the course is designed to educate engineers and recording studio personnel on not only the fundamental principals of mastering but also the many personal tips and tricks that Stull has accumulated over his years in the business.

"Since our first Masterpiece School back in September of 2006, this course has helped people from all over North America -- not to mention participants from as far away as Columbia, Brazil, Malaysia and Korea -- successfully jump start their mastering careers," notes Stull. "After only three days of very personalized instruction, most of our students have confidently gone on to establish their own mastering services and studios, and many have reported back to me that this class was absolutely invaluable in achieving that."

Stull adds that, although he will be using and demonstrating a Legendary Audio Masterpiece Analog Mastering System in the instruction, this course is a genuine mastering class -- not a sales pitch for his company's product. "We cover both analog and digital gear in the class, but the step-by-step procedures and techniques we go over can just as easily be applied to practically any mastering setup on the market."

The host hotel for the fall school sessions will be the Howard Johnson South Padre Island, while a majority of the course will take place at Stull's nearby Masterpiece Mastering facility, a 2500-square-foot building featuring a spacious 1000-square-foot mastering room.

Enrollment for each three-day course is limited to ensure maximum hands-on time, and tuition is $900, which includes lunch each day. For more info and an application form, contact

About Billy Stull
A protege of the renowned producer/engineer Norman Petty (Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings), Billy Stull has spent more than 40 years immersed in just about every aspect of the music business, including being an artist, manager, publisher, producer, engineer, major label A&R and marketing executive, retail store owner, pro audio gear manufacturer, and, for the past dozen years, respected mastering professional referred to by the legendary Mr. Rupert Neve as a man with "golden ears."

About Legendary Audio
Legendary Audio is a boutique manufacturer of high-end audio products for mastering, recording and archiving. Based at South Padre Island, Texas, the company is the manufacturing sibling of Masterpiece Mastering.

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