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Matt Linesch Mixes Fool’s Gold in His New Ocean Way Studio

Now Occupies Former Ocean Way Mastering Space

Enterprising young producer/engineer Matt “Linny” Linesch has settled in to his new private studio, the space formerly occupied by Ocean Way Mastering in the renowned Hollywood recording complex founded in the 1950s. Linesch gained widespread recognition for the self-titled Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes album that he mixed in Ocean Way’s adjacent Studio B.

Linesch’s first project in his new room was with LA group Fool’s Gold, fronted by Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov. Fool’s Gold music weaves together Western pop aesthetics with African rhythms and melodies. Previous Linesch credits include albums for Dave Mason, Insects vs Robots, The Cerny Brothers, and Wagons.

“After working at Ocean Way on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, I really got a good feeling about the studio, the staff and the productive atmosphere,” says Linesch. “When this space became available, I jumped at the chance to move my equipment from our studio in Ojai and make Hollywood my new base of operations. It’s exciting coming to work every day and meeting the kind of musicians that gravitate to Ocean Way. It reminds me of the days where there was a feeling of community among music makers at good studios.”

Before his move to Ocean Way, Linesch resided in Ojai, CA, running a studio coined “The Ed Shed,” where he worked alongside Alex Ebert on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. While in Ojai, Linesch engineered two Edward Sharpe records, “Here” and “ESMZ”. He also engineered the Golden Globe-winning score for “All Is Lost,” composed by Alex Ebert.

Matt Linesch (aka Linny) was born and raised in Los Angeles. His deep love and dedication for creating music includes his passions as a producer/engineer, as well as being a musician himself. Linesch enjoys working with a wide-ranging diversity of artists, helping to develop their individual musical goals.

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