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Men how to choose the right sunglasses

Sunglasses main function is to block the glare, avoid excessive ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays into the eye, causing injury. If, in the summer, put on your Wholesale Sunglasses, first: can mitigate the culinary muscle of the eye under the glare of the adjustment burden, people eye in the habit of natural light to see objects at this time is the human eye is most comfortable to time .
Based on the fundamental principles of the amendments to the face, avoid wearing too similar to the shape of your face frame; in order to avoid the lines of my face is over-emphasized.
If your face is square, you should choose a frame slightly wider than your face shape, so, this will make your face look slightly elongated.
If your face is round, angular square box will favor the modified lines of your face.
The face shape determines the shape of the frame. Careful observation of your face, take a look at where relatively high, where the relatively flat. Select the time frame; you should face the situation opposite. For example, the face is very round may not be appropriate to wear round Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.
China currently only too deep color of sunglasses is likely because of poor traffic signal recognition and traffic accidents the colors too shallow sunglasses is no sun shading, sunglasses, red, green and yellow traffic signal recognition The ability to make strict rules, other colors and not relevant provisions, but there is a move to selection of sunglasses, you may wish to try: that is, at the time of purchase must try with, look at the size of the surrounding environment color changes, color changes small sunglasses in general, its color is more appropriate. We all know that the sunglasses to a feature UV protection.
For the boys go sell Ming route, nowadays the most popular and considered a large-framed glasses. The romantic movie “High Fidelity 33 days”, the article played, Wang Xiaoping deeply rooted, and he wore a vintage black framed Cheap Oakley Sunglasses look cute and stylish. However, not all are suitable.
A pair of sunglasses, do not say you really understand fashion, even if you’re just used to play the type of cell, but so what? European and American stars are this, whether indoors or outdoors, large fly¡¯s sunglasses always leave their hands, to know that the sunglasses on the star, as for his girlfriend for a quarterly absolutely does not mean.