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Image of the White Oak Worship Center’s new sanctuary.

Blairs, VA – November 2010… When the time came to design its new worship facility, White Oak Worship Center (formerly known as Full Gospel Fellowship Church of Danville, VA) knew that a well implemented audio-visual system could do wonders toward making services more relevant. By closely coordinating the architectural process with a seasoned AV integrator, their new sanctuary is home to an impressive $300K audio-visual system that incorporates multiple large screen displays, a sophisticated camera implementation and post production suite to edit services for broadcast, and a new sound system from Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies that has everyone singing the praises.

Burlington NC-based Boone Audio Inc., a design/build firm specializing in AV integration for the house of worship, education, and corporate markets, was contracted to design and implement White Oak Worship Center’s new system. Paul Boone, President/CEO of Boone Audio, discussed the nature of the installation and the challenges it presented.

“White Oak Worship Center’s sanctuary is 105 feet long by 96 feet wide with a slightly arched ceiling and seating capacity for approximately 600 people� Boone explained. “The stage/pulpit area faces into the length of the space and features a uniquely designed area for the choir that is located over the orchestra pit. In addition to the main floor that slopes upward toward the back of the room, there is a balcony at the rear that houses the FOH (front of house) mix position.�

“White Oak Worship Center’s services are very contemporary in nature,� he continued. “Music plays a prominent role and church management made it very clear that, in addition to displays for visually reinforcing the message and aiding the congregation with lyrics, they wanted a top notch sound system that delivered first-rate speech intelligibility while also being capable of handling high SPL music reproduction. Their worship services are very upbeat. The church uses a good sized praise band to augment the worship leader and six backing vocalists, and they also have a full choir of roughly 40 voices.�

To meet these requirements, Jeremy Sarine of the Boone Audio team—with assistance from Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio’s CEO and Director of Engineering—penned a sound reinforcement system that provides for a center cluster consisting of six WorxAudio TrueLine™ V8i-P two-way, high efficiency, compact line array loudspeakers flown at a height of 24 feet over the front of the pulpit/stage area. Suspended by WorxAudio’s innovative TrueAim™ Grid that utilizes a single, industry-standard schedule 40 pipe, the cluster presents a clean, streamlined appearance that blends seamlessly into the environment.

A seventh TrueLine V8i-P is mounted to the rear of the TrueAim Grid. Unlike the six enclosures facing into the sanctuary, this loudspeaker serves as a monitor for the choir and is visually hidden from the congregation. For stage monitoring, four WorxAudio 8M two-way, high efficiency, passive loudspeakers—augmented by Aviom personal mixers—round out the onstage monitor setup.

Low frequency support is provided by two WorxAudio TrueLine TL218SS-P subwoofers plus a single TL118SS-PMD2 subwoofer. All three enclosures are housed in specially designed, recessed cubicles under the front edge of the stage. With the two TL218SS-P subwoofers positioned at the left and right edges of the stage and the TL118SS-PMD2 enclosure in the center, these subwoofers provide plenty of low end punch and providing a smooth bass response throughout the room while effectively remaining out of sight.

“The fact that we were brought into the sanctuary’s design process at an early stage paid huge dividends on this project,� states Jeremy. “We began consulting on this job as far back as January of 2009 when we gained access to the building’s architectural blueprints and CAD drawings. By being involved early on, we were able to arrange for the subwoofer cubicles and numerous other aspects of this project that, ultimately, made it a world-class installation. Hugh Sarvis was a tremendous help—not only in the design of the sound system, but in its final tuning as well. The more sets of eyes we have looking at a project like this; the more successful we are as a contractor.�

With the new AV system in place and operational, Jeremy reports that everyone—from Pastor Roger Ewing and the church’s executive staff to the congregation—is thrilled with its performance. “The church wanted the sound to be clear, comfortable, and distinct and that’s exactly what we delivered,� said Jeremy. “We continue to receive compliments for the design and performance of the entire audio-visual system. Several pastors from various area churches have visited White Oak Worship Center to experience the system and this has led to new projects for our firm. In my mind, that’s the best compliment of all.�

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