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Mestizo makeup makeup steps, you should not miss

Some facial features facial features are not three-dimensional face do not seem as deep stereo, simply that a few steps, you can have a dream facial features cheap mac makeup online today to teach you how to create facial features three-dimensional deep European and American mestizo makeupcome and look at the make-up steps!
First, choose a slightly darker than skin color once the mac liquid foundation, from the cheek shading the junction began to spread evenly, especially under the eyes, nose and other small parts. Then dipped in a natural color with a large stucco rouge swipe close to the mandible on both sides of the cheek, from the bottom to bring the the face natural contraction effect. Select color transparent loose powder with the same liquid foundation, swipe T-shaped, C-shaped area of the eye under the brow below, effect to reach brighten. Repair small Soke, eyebrow brush dipped in golden brown eye shadow powder fill style painted eyebrows. Choose dark brown eyeliner sketched on eyeliner Note slightly with a cotton swab eyeliner natural smudged to double fold at. Choose golden eye shadow swipe the entire upper eyelid, lower eyelid also makes a sketch of the chorus.
Wow, very beautiful, my dear, you are not the heart of it, then quickly followed mac cosmetics wholesale store together learn it.