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METAlliance Certifies DAD AX32 AD/DA Converter

The AX32 AD/DA converter and digital router interface from Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) has been certified by the Music Engineering and Technology Alliance (METAlliance).

Provides a Variety of Digital interfaces

Pictured is the new Pro | Mon monitor control from Digital Audio Denmark with the AX32 AD/DA converter and DX32 digital audio bridge.

The AX32 AD/DA converter and digital router interface from Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) has  been certified by the Music Engineering and Technology Alliance (METAlliance).  DAD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters.

METAlliance founding member Frank Filipetti remarked, “Great A to D conversion is one of the hardest things in audio to do right. For nearly fifteen years my tried and true converters have served me well, and never once during that time have I yearned for the latest innovations. That is until now. The DAD AX32 converters are my new benchmark for DAD conversion. If you love digital, you’ll love the DAD’s.  If you love analog…you’ll love the DAD’s.”

Fellow METAlliance co-founder Chuck Ainlay added, “With Hi Res Audio on the rise as a consumer format, never has there been a time when converter performance that faithfully captures what I hear in the studio been more important. The DAD converters simply are the most accurate sounding converters I’ve ever heard.”

“We are greatly honored that our new AX32 has been recognized and certified by the METAlliance,” said Sales Director Mikael Vest. “Everyone at DAD worked hard to develop the AX32, and to have it certified by the METAlliance validates our efforts. This honor is especially important to us because it comes from such a dedicated group whose mission of ensuring highest-quality audio coincides with our goals as well.”

DAD’s new AX32 AD/DA converter and digital router interface is an ideal choice as a front-end or digital format converter for recording or mastering applications where up to 48 channels of analog inputs or outputs are needed.  The AX32 provides a variety of digital interfaces such as ProTools HD, MADI, AES and Dante IP audio.  A microphone pre-amp option is also available. The AX32 provides a versatile digital interface structure, and audio interfacing via IP L3 Ethernet.  Digital Audio Denmark:

About the METAlliance
Established in 2005, the METAlliance (Music Engineering and Technical Alliance) was founded by globally-recognized, award-winning audio engineers and producers Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt, and the late Phil Ramone. The METAlliance works with educators to help insure the skills and techniques that have developed through the history of recording are carried forward.

The METAlliance ProPartner program rewards those manufacturers truly deserving recognition as advocates for better quality in audio recording and reproduction. Through the ProPartner program, the organization works closely with manufacturers to evaluate, recognize, and certify products that meet the best standards for quality in the recording arts and science.

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