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HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NEW YORK – JANUARY 2009: Metric Halo is pleased to announce the immediate release of the next version of Mobile I/O. This release is available as a software/firmware/driver update that enhances the capabilities of all new and existing Mobile I/O hardware. The update is available free of charge to all Mobile I/O users.

This major update provides a series of important improvements to the Mobile I/O hardware and software platform that greatly enhance its utility and workflow in every day production tasks.

ADVANCED CONTROL SURFACE SUPPORT: EUCON AND MACKIE CONTROL As more and more Mobile I/O users take advantage of the advanced configurable v.5 Mixer included with every Mobile I/O expanded system, the need for first-class, integrated Control Surface support grows. MIO users are replacing mixers and consoles for FOH, monitors, and recording, as well as using the v.5 Mixer for monitoring during recording and as the primary mix-down console for final mix. The Mobile I/O is the mix engine – and all mix engines need great tactile control surfaces for ergonomic mix control.

With the introduction of v.5.1 of MIO Console, the Mobile I/O supports, not one but. two exceptional control surface systems: EuCon (Euphonix Artist Series and Pro Series) and Mackie Control. Both control surface systems are supported simultaneously.

Discussing location audio opportunities provided by the new Control Surface support, Peter Schneider of Gotham Audio said, “With support for Mackie and Euphonix control surfaces, the folks at Metric Halo once again redefine what is possible with location audio equipment. The MIO 2882 and ULN-2 are transformed from top-of-the-line portable audio interfaces with on-board DSP to a full-featured digital mixer with unrivalled sonic quality, ease of use and portability.”

The new MIO Console Control surface allows control of virtually all aspects of MIO Console and the v.5 Mix engine, including:
• Mic-Pre Input Gain and Channel Phase
• Phantom Power and Input Source Selection (EuCon Only)
• Mix Fader Gain and Panning
• Mute and Solo
• Complete Support for Send Busses
• Channel Strip Selection
• Monitor Controller Source Selection (EuCon Only) and Level Control
• Transport Control for the Record Panel

The new control surface support also manages channel data readouts including:
• Channel Names
• Current Pan or Gain Levels
• Channel Metering
• Virtual Knob Readouts
• Transport Time Readout (Mackie Control Only)
• Selected Send bus number (Mackie Control Only)
• Transport State
• Dynamic Channel Ordering
• Support for Bank and Nudge Across Multiple Control Surface Units

Commenting on the new Control Surface support in MIO Console, Daniel Shores, managing director of Sono Luminus/Dorian Recordings said, “The thorough integration of MIO Console and EuCon Controllers makes a world of difference for on-location recording. Now you are able to mix seamlessly ‘in the box’ on-location without having to use a mouse or track pad. The best part is you can carry the entire setup in overhead luggage!”

Orren Merton, author of Logic 8 Power, adds, “The Euphonix MC Control acts as the physical hub of my studio. Thanks to the EuCon support in MIO Console 5.1, I can use the MC Control as a control surface and also lock MIO Console’s Monitor Controller to the MC Control’s Monitor and Control Room functions. This way, I have physical touchscreen and fader control of my MIO Mixer when I need it, and I also retain total control over my studio monitoring environment when using the MC Control to edit or mix in Logic Pro. It’s the best of all worlds!”

Mastering and Recording Engineer Michael Romanowski continues, “Having the support for control surface integration has really helped me be more efficient in my tracking and mixing. It allows me to make very quick and precise adjustments to the MIO Mixer. Great for being able to dial in a headphone mix while tracking. Great to have mix control in a live situation. And it is great for letting me be able to concentrate on where my mix is rather than where my mouse is. Having a tactile surface control of the operation in the MIO Console and MIO Mixer helps me make music more human.”

EuCon SPECIFIC SUPPORT “Immediately after the introduction of the MC Artist Series, we were contacted by users excited about the combination of EuCon technology and the advanced mixer technology in Mobile I/O”, said Joe Buchalter, president of Metric Halo. He continues, “The flexibility, sophistication, and portability of EuCon and the MC Artist Series is a perfect match for the configurability and functionality of the Mobile I/O and we are excited to offer a first-class implementation of EuCon technology in MIO Console v.5.1.”

MIO Console’s native support for EuCon builds on the strengths of Euphonix’s EuCon technology to allow the construction of a dynamic, comprehensive control surface for controlling an extended v.5 Mobile I/O mixer with multiple MC Control and/or MC Mix units. Banking and nudging is easily accomplished as wells as switching any send bus onto the main surface.

MIO Console also offers integrated support for controlling the integrated 2d Monitor Controller from the EuCon Monitor Control section included in the MC Control surface, with support for monitor level and source selection from the touch screen. Control Room Mute is also supported.

In addition, both MC Artist Series control surfaces provide direct access to the transport controls of MIO Console’s integrated recording software.

MIO Console takes advantage of the high-resolution metering, text and numeric readouts available on the Artist Series, as well as the direct mapping features of EuCon technology to provide a high-resolution control path for MIO Console.

“Metric Halo is a world leader in mobile recording and DSP development, and we are very excited to have EuCon integrated into such a powerful product line,” stated Martin Kloiber, Euphonix CEO. “Our slim-line Artist Series controllers are the perfect complement to the Mobile I/O interfaces, giving users comprehensive, tactile control of their hardware in a compact form factor.”

MACKIE CONTROL SPECIFIC SUPPORT The Mackie Control protocol and hardware enjoys ubiquitous availability in the audio world, and MIO Console provides deep support for the Mackie Control protocol and hardware. MIO Console includes support for connecting up to four Mackie Control units to the computer (either MCU or MC Fader packs – in any combination with automatic detection). Control Surface support includes nudging and banking across multiple units, as well as dynamic channel ordering, metering on the surface, and time code readout.

MIO Console also adds a unique feature that allows control of the mixer without the use of a master section – just Fader packs. This is accomplished by adding mappable key commands for the functions that are only present on the master section (including bank and nudge, and pan/preamp/send selection). This allows the use of key-commands or a mappable HID device such as a ShuttleXpress or ShuttlePro to provide complete control surface access.

According to Jack Hale, producer and engineer, “Mixing with my familiar Mackie Control using MIO 5.1 is like having the best of both worlds. MIO 5.1 allows unbelievable flexibility in virtual console configuration while having the control surface reflect that, allowing hands on tweaking of parameters which can be saved for later recall.”

NEW FEATURES AND BUG FIXES The new release of the software includes many new features and bug fixes, including a workaround for a FireWire kernel panic, enhanced DSP processing and new plugins, a fix for intermittent playback issues with the Record Panel, and a new German localization for the software.

AVAILABLE TODAY The updated software is available today as free download from Metric Halo’s website at: All new units will be shipped with the updated software, but if a unit in dealer stock has the older software, it is easy to update the unit in the field with the downloaded software.

Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, recording and processing solutions with award-winning software and hardware.