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Metric Halo’s Dirty Delay Plug-in Only $19

Don’t Delay! Metric Halo’s Dirty Delay Plug-in Only $19 • Metric Halo Celebrates the 100,000 Download of Its Free Thump Plug-In with a Nearly Free Offering of Its Dirty Delay Plug-In

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Metric Halo, maker of artfully scientific high-end pro audio software and hardware, is pleased to announce that over 100,000 people have downloaded Thump. Thump is a free Metric Halo plug-in that adds context-sensitive low-end to tracks, allowing users to synthesize deep, musical bass for kick drums, toms, and electronic drums. To celebrate, Metric Halo is selling its Dirty Delay plug-in for just $19… it normally sells for $179!!! Dirty Delay puts all the soul of an analog signal path into a flexible, musical delay that’s loaded with signal path character modeling, subtle to outrageous distortion, and all manner of cross-feeds and feedback controls. But don’t… DELAY! The sale ends November 30, 2018.

“It’s fun to imagine all the creative things that our 100,000-plus Thump users are doing out there,” said Joe Buchalter, co-founder of Metric Halo. “We know they range from novices who are still experiencing that rush that comes with creating something new to seasoned pros who understand the importance and nuance of adding musical sub-bass content to a mix. To inspire both camps – and everyone in-between – to explore the power of the Metric Halo plug-in collection, we’re offering Dirty Delay for less than the cost of dinner out!”

Metric Halo Dirty Delay has it all, and its intuitive interface allows everything from quick preset selection and tweaks for those who like to work fast, to deep parameter digs for those who love to dial in everything just so. It offers mono and stereo delay lines, millisecond or tempo-based parameterization, flexible feedback and cross-feedback options with optional phase inversion, offsets, and independent wet/dry signal mixing. In addition, Metric Halo Dirty Delay incorporates 2-band, fully-parametric filtering to shape the delayed sound and Metric Halo’s Character modeling with variable drive to add texture and saturation to the delay. In a word, Metric Halo Dirty Delay allows users to create any imaginable delay phenomenon.


ABOUT METRIC HALO Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.