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Meyer Sound LYON Makes Waves at Miami Music Week: “It’s a Whole Different Beast”

Chicago’s Audio Integration Services (AIS) recently christened its new Meyer Sound LYON™ linear sound reinforcement system at Miami Music Week (MMW), serving top DJs such as Luciano and Alesso at the Hyde Beach stage. The system contributed to one of the best venues at MMW, according to a Pulse Radio review by Colin Chmielewski: “The level of event production at Hyde Beach was off the charts.”

“The performance of the LYON system is nothing short of phenomenal,” reports Scott Owens, director of production and rentals for AIS. “The first time we turned LYON on, the client almost had to sit down. The total impact is really hard to describe.”

LYON’s exceptional power-to-size ratio was clearly demonstrated at the Hyde Beach stage. Energizing the 1,300-strong crowd was a system that only included six LYON linear line array loudspeakers per side and 12 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with two Galileo Callisto array processors provided system drive and alignment.

The new sound system is part of AIS’s strategy to grow its foothold in EDM and to diversify its business into other event markets. After searching for two years, AIS selected LYON when Owens heard it at Chicago’s EDM-heavy North Coast Music Festival. “That clinched it,” says Owens. “Every other PA went off the table at that point. I was production manager for that stage, and I remember I almost dropped a cable I was carrying because of the huge impact of a test track being played. LYON is a whole different beast. It is already opening doors that just wouldn’t open for the last couple years.”

AIS supplies a full spectrum of event production technologies, with integrated packages of audio, lighting, and video. At the Hyde Beach stage, the package included DiGiCo SD9 digital consoles and a complete lighting and video system.