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Lattimore after lxy201210-16 the war served as Dean of the School of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University the 1952 McCarthy impeachment, stop the faculty for 10 years. In 1962, Lattimore left the United States to join the British nationality, as Sinology professor of Chinese research director of the University of Leeds, died in 1989.Bi Sen served as the University of California at Berkeley professor of political science, after returning from Japan in 1953 for the Institute of Pacific Relations case had to leave the famous universities. 1969, graduated from Mori moved to Canada, as the, Beni Johnson School professor and director of the International Studies of the University of Waterloo, died in 1979 in Canada.

Jaffe, editor of the "American" magazine issue after 11 years, in July 1947, was forced to cease publication. Jaffe michael kors purses outlet I also long-term carrying a trumped-up charges, by injustices treatment, died in 1980.Lattimore graduated Sen Jaffe 60 years ago, the War of Resistance Against Japan on the eve of trip to Yan'an, the Chinese Anti-Japanese War and the subsequent years they correctly analyze and judge the situation in China has laid a foundation, but also to them in the post-war suffered all the hardships planted the seeds.

In the other side of the ocean they are long-term focus and pay a huge passion for the Chinese people should learn more about this several respectable foreign friends, remember the concern and support they have given China's War of Resistance Against Japanese michael kors purses Aggression and the progressive cause. Richard Sorge is the most legendary figures in the World War II, he is the famous World War II spy Wang, known as "the most courageous spy.

Sorge engage in intelligence means very powerful. He has described his legendary intelligence career: Do not pry the safe, but the file is active right at your fingertips; gun broke into the Chamber of Secrets, but the door is automatically open for him.On the eve of the German attack on the Soviet Union, Sorge war warning sent to the Soviet Union: "offensive will be in full swing in the dawn, June 22, 1941." But the Soviet leader Stalin disregarded, results Soviet hit by surprise, funeral The division lost ground, a collapse of a thousand miles. A critical juncture in the Soviet Union, Sorge again the Soviet Union issued a critical intelligence: "The Japanese government decided to different Soviet war!" Stalin, this invaluable intelligence, rapid deployment of Far Eastern troops to the European direction, including elite five infantry divisions and three tank divisions. These michael kors outlet tank divisions and equipment are all famous T-34 tanks.

New force on the battlefield, go to the exhausted and suffered heavy casualties michael kors handbags outlet in the city of Moscow, the Germans killed. Germans Where can parry maintained, so there is a scene made the world stunned: known as the invincible Germans in the sharp counterattack front of the Soviet, stumbling retreat from the Moscow City Changsheng undefeated myths like foam shattered .Sorge on Germany launched Su war warning and Japan will not take action to make accurate judgments in Siberia, has as model for spying was recorded in the annals of history, is loaded as a classic case of intelligence materials.