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Midas Consoles Benelux is proud to announce its fourth Midas XL8 sale to date as well as its first sale of a Klark Teknik DN9696, 96 channel hard disk recorder. Both went to Dutch rental company Triple Showtechniek based in Purmerend near Amsterdam. This brings the total of Midas XL8s operational in the Benelux to five.

Owner Rene Tielen and c.t.o. Marco Hovius took delivery of their XL8 on the Friday and on the Saturday it went out on its first faultless gig with Marc Pardon at the helm.

Tielen went on to say; “We are responsible for some of the major Dutch artists like “Jan Smit” and “Nick and Simon”. These artists are highly critical of their own performance and therefore expect only the highest levels from us and that’s why we only invest in the accepted industry leaders like Midas.” Hovius added; “I am responsible for these shows running smoothly and I do not want to waste time in discussions about what is or not acceptable. Midas XL8 sounds the best by far; it is the easiest digital console to work on and is so reliable that it became a no brainer!”

Marc Pardon FOH engineer commented; “I am the FOH engineer for both “Jan Smit” and “Nick and Simon” and believe me I cannot mess around with their performance quality and I certainly do not want to jeopardise my reputation, so the choice of console was critical. I’d tested the XL8 and boy does the desk sound great! It works like an analogue Midas and coupled with the Klark Teknik DN9696 hard disk recorder, with virtual sound check, it takes the package to an unprecedented level.”

Axel Nagtegaal, Midas Consoles Benelux; “For our company this is yet another milestone and with Triple Showtechniek choosing Midas it provides yet another very strong signal to the market about the success of Midas digital – and we’re just getting started!!”