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With a full semester of hands-on education complete, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) gives top grades to the recently installed Solid State Logic Duality and AWS 900+ consoles servicing the course work for the Recording Industry Department. The two consoles offer a unique pathway for MTSU allowing students to begin mixing on the AWS 900+ then move onto more advanced recording production on the Duality console. Students enjoy the benefits of working on mixing consoles with similar ergonomic architecture while addressing the needs of DAW control functions.

“With the Duality, in Studio B, the main tracking room and the AWS 900+ in Studio C, the mixing room, our students gain a high level learning experience within one semester,� says Christian Haseleu, Chairman of the Recording Industry Department. “We really like the fact that we’re teaching SSL architecture, which applies across the spectrum of SSL products and indeed the entire industry. We also like the fact that we can do analogue signal flow and DAW control from the same platform. We are giving our students a very rich learning experience with these two consoles.�

Both the Duality and the AWS 900+ serve as the centerpiece of the University’s updated recording studio complex. According to MTSU, it is the only college in the United States with both a recording industry program and extensive offerings in mass communications. A Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry is offered with majors in Music Business, as well as Production and Technology. Students graduating from MTSU gain the experience necessary to land jobs in the industry.

According to Haseleu, the AWS 900+ allows students the opportunity to experience mixing on a smaller console, while getting comfortable with the equipment. “Students will be using the AWS 900+ to learn an array of different features including DAW and DAW control from the console, Total Recall™, mic pres, signal processing and much more. These key components will give the students a strong foundation for when they move up to the Duality and full blown recording and mixing projects.�

Duality features the industry standard SSL hardware control surface, signal processing and legendary sound while adding TFT display across all channels to provide comprehensive visual feedback on signal levels, channel settings, system configuration & routing. These displays also deliver highly efficient multi-operator Total Recall capabilities. Since its introduction, the original AWS 900 quickly established itself as a unique combination of a world-class analogue console and sophisticated DAW controller. The AWS 900+ builds on the successful formula by adding tighter integration with all popular DAW platforms, enhancements to the displays and meters.

“We are a teaching school and SSL offers powerful and flexible consoles that will serve our students for the future,� Haseleu states. “We’ve had a long term relationship with SSL and have never been disappointed with their services, support and products. Our students feel comfortable, confident and happy that they are really learning on cutting edge equipment.�

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: