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New ‘Vintage’ Mics pair nicely with Americana 

PORTLAND, OR • January 7, 2014 — The GRAMMY-nominated indie folk band Milk Carton Kids found the sound and the look they needed to take out on the road with Ear Trumpet Labs’ Edwina and Edna microphones.

They were first introduced to Ear Trumpet Labs mics while recording an episode for the performance series Portland Sessions. They were impressed with how the modern electronics provides the full, well-balanced sound they sought, and with how the unique vintage look of these mics fits perfectly with the Milk Carton Kids’ on-stage Americana persona.

“Our show is sonically delicate, prone to feedback and phase cancellation, so it can be difficult to get enough volume out of the guitars without running into trouble,” comments Joey Ryan. “The Ear Trumpet Lab mics we’ve been using handle our setup better than anything else we’ve tried. We use the Edwina model on vocals and the Ednas on guitars. Although recently we’ve been really enjoying performing on just one Edwina.”

“Of course, we pay very close attention to every facet of our performance, including visual aesthetics,” continues Ryan, “and these are handsome microphones. Philip at Ear Trumpet told us that he designed these mics with a show like ours in mind. We were grateful for that.”

The Milk Carton Kids auditioned several brands of microphones before heading out on tour, and the Ear Trumpet Labs mics rose to the top. “They make us sound how we hear ourselves in our heads,” Ryan explains. “The Edwinas and Ednas blew everything else away, sonically.”

You can see and hear the Milk Carton Kids with their Ear Trumpet Mics here:

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