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Kansas City, MO – July 2008 … When it came time to outfit their new sanctuary with sound reinforcement equipment, senior management at The Life Church wanted to ensure that the pastors and musical performers alike had capable microphone and monitoring equipment that would enable them to speak or sing comfortably while also being able to hear clearly. After contracting with Raytown, MO-based Progressive Electronics Incorporated to design and implement the project, a sizeable collection of MIPRO wireless technology—distributed in North America by Avlex Corporation—was introduced.

The Life Church’s services can best be described as active contemporary charismatic. Music plays a vital role in the worship experience and typical services include a group of 6- 10 praise singers, a choir, and an instrumental ensemble consisting of keyboards, drums, organ, and guitars. It’s not the least bit uncommon for these services to run most, if not all, of the 48 channels available on the FOH (front of house) mixing console.

Progressive Electronics, a design/build firm that handles a wide variety of A/V projects for major corporations, large athletic complexes, schools and universities, plus many houses of worship, recognized that wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring capabilities could offer significant benefits for the performers. According to Steve Brown, who handles Systems Design and Sales for Progressive Electronics, “Our initial design concept included wired mics and monitor wedges on the floor, but after a closer look at MIPRO’s product offerings, we elected to go with a comprehensive wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring setup, as this enabled us to reduce the number of stage wedges from eight to two while greatly reducing stage ambient noise. In the process, we were able to make both the vocalists and the pastors completely wireless.�

To accomplish this, the Progressive Electronics team outfitted and configured The Life Church with eight MIPRO MI-808R in-ear stereo receivers paired with the E8P earbuds. The MIPRO MI-808 system consists of a professional UHF-band stereo receiver and transmitter that is frequency-agile over a 24 MHz bandwidth with 16 selectable pre-programmed, non-interference frequencies. The MI-808 receiver utilizes advanced dual-antenna true diversity technology that eliminates signal dropouts and enhances signal stability, while the receivers operate in user selectable mono or stereo output modes, have selectable built-in limiting for aural protection, and feature a lightweight, exceptionally durable magnesium alloy case.

For their wireless microphones, Brown and his crew deployed MIPRO’s ACT-707 PC-Controllable Wireless Microphone System. This system encompasses ten MIPRO ACT-707HM handheld microphone transmitters for the vocalists and two ACT-707T body-pack transmitters along with two HS-09 beige ear-worn microphones for the pastors. On the receiving end, the system utilizes six MIPRO ACT-707D dual channel receivers. Additionally, MIPRO’s AD-707 UHF antenna divider enables multiple receivers to operate from a single pair of antennas while the MIPRO ACT-707SD PC control system provides system management via a connected personal computer. Rounding out the church’s new microphone system is six MIPRO MM-707CP wired vocal condenser microphones plus several MS-131 boom stands.

With the system up and running, Brown reports that the MIPRO equipment has delivered exceptional performance and was easily accepted by both the pastors and the praise vocalists. “The MIPRO equipment appears very durable and has performed exceptionally,� notes Brown. “When we had our first rehearsal with the praise band, they were a bit tentative—not being used to in-ear monitors. Within an hour they were absolutely ecstatic, moving all around the stage and, very obviously, enjoying the new experience. It was fun to observe. The senior pastor recently took me aside and emphasized how proud they are of their new system. Everyone is enthusiastic.�

Pastor Stan Gleason, Senior Pastor at The Life Church concurs with Brown’s assessment. “The freedom of movement that our MIPRO wireless equipment provides has been a very pleasant surprise,� notes Gleason. “These wireless systems enable us to focus on the message without being the least bit constrained by traditional wired microphones and floor monitors. I believe going wireless has enabled all of us to be considerably more effective.�

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