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Mission Girls Record “We Are the Women” at Studio Trilogy

Non-profit organizations Future Youth Records ("FYR") and Mission Girls Services have debuted a new song recorded at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco: "We Are The Women..."

Empowering At-Risk Girls in San Francisco

Pictured at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco is the “We Are The Women…” production team. Far left is Trilogy engineer/co-manager Willie Samuels. Far right standing is Future Youth Records founder/executive director Jason Wall.

Non-profit organizations Future Youth Records (“FYR”) and Mission Girls Services have debuted a new song recorded at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco. “We Are The Women…” was created through the Future Youth Records’ V.I.N.Y.L. (Voice for Inspiring & Nurturing Youth Leadership) Program, a program that provides at-risk youth the opportunity to create broadcast quality media alongside high profile music industry professionals with positive, impactful messages.

Four girls, ages 10 to 19, from Mission Girls Services began work during Women’s History Month in March alongside professional musicians Matt “Doctor” Fink (Prince & The Revolution), Adam “A-Plus” Carter (The Hieroglyphics), Eva Gardner (Pink, Cher) and Thia Megia (American Idol) inside of Studio Trilogy, a state of the art recording facility in San Francisco’s SOMA District.

Under the direction of FYR’s Founder/Executive Director, Jason Wall, and co-producer/engineer Willie Samuels, “We Are The Women” was written and recorded by the girls over four days. It features strong lyrics and an anthemic chorus composed by the young women to counteract the growing problem of female degradation in much of today’s music media.

“Music represents a very powerful influence over young people and their development into adulthood. It influences behavior, style and an overall identification within a social culture,” said Jason Wall, Future Youth Record’s Founder. “To great devastation, popular music has not only lost much of its artistic integrity, but worse, it has sunk to depths so low it has become unconscionable. Simply put, abuse is not art. These young ladies represent the future of music where it will be used to inspire, inform and celebrate, not to perpetuate the harm of others.”

Watch the video and isten to “We Are The Women…”

Future Youth Records is a Bay Area based 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to establish a powerful national nonprofit record label that works with at-risk youth to create broadcast quality recordings with positive messages which are socially conscious, inspiring, and impactful. For more information please visit

Mission Girls Services is a subsidiary of Mission Neighborhood Centers – a San Francisco based 501(c)(3) organization that delivers culturally sensitive, multi-generational, community-based services focused on low-income families and develops and promotes leadership skills that empower families to build strong, healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. Mission Girls Services is a gender specific program that provides skill building programming in academic support, career exposure, leadership building, health education, and cultural diversity. For more information visit:

Located in the creative heart of San Francisco, Studio Trilogy is a full-service recording facility that provides music recording and audio post-production services in a World Class recording environment. Designed by John Storyk of WSDG, Trilogy’s 8800 square foot facility houses three state-of-the-art control rooms, music and voice recording studios, multiple lounges, and a lush garden/bbq area. An on-site 1200 sq.ft. luxury apartment with media lounge and chef’s kitchen is also available.

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