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From the Mix News Desk…

Venezuelan funk-rock band Los Amigos Invisibles performed at the iTunes store in downtown Manhattan as part of the Latin Alternative Music Conference. The Grammy-nominated group is currently touring to promote its new album, Commercial, on David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label. Soviet-American singer/songwriter Regina Spektor also performed. Dubway Studios (NYC) engineers Jason Marcucci and Mike Judeh recorded both performances and mixed them at Dubway. Also at Dubway, international independent label Obliqsound was in with contemporary guitarist, vocalist and songwriter John Shannon. Judeh tracked the session…At Zac Recording (Atlanta), Legendary Poets Publishing has set up a temporary home base in the studio’s B Room, which has also been the lab for other composers like Polow Da Don, Donnie Skants, Willie Will, Hitboy and Chase. The team is working on a new project with Suga Suga of NZone, under the management of DJ Toomp. Dubbed Philadelphia’s Hottest Producer by Blender magazine in 2006, Simon Illa has

set up shop in the Front Room at ZAC. Illa and his company, Unbreakable Music Group, moved to ZAC from Philadelphia, and the producer is currently working with Vonnegutt, D. Woods (of Danity Kane), Ben Grant (of The Status) and several other artists…Newly discovered Andy Warhol recordings of the opening-night performance of the off-Broadway musical Man on the Moon (music composed by John Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas), which were captured from Warhol’s front-row seat in the Little Theatre on Broadway and 44th Street, were recently transferred at The Warhol Museum in (Pittsburgh), and the digital files were then sent to The Magic Shop Recording Studio (NYC). Engineers Steve Rosenthal and Warren Russell-Smith assessed the tapes and restored them with the help of restorer/software developers Plangent Processes, where engineer Jamie Howarth tried to remedy the tapes’ speed, wow and flutter problems. Rosenthal and Russell-Smith then brought the tapes back to The Magic Shop, where they reduced the noise, fixed dropouts and repaired frequency imbalances…Rob Tavaglione produced and engineered recordings by vocalist Erika Blatnik, Jeff Powers (a hard-rock version of “Love to Love You Baby�) and Perry Fowler in his Catalyst Recording (Charlotte, NC). Fowler also helped Tavaglione test mics for upcoming reviews in Pro Audio Review magazine…Odds on Recording<./b> (Las Vegas) reports that since the installation of the studio’s supersized SSL Duality console in Studio A, the facility has hosted sessions with the Las Vegas Philharmonic for an Air Supply album, as well as club/pop group Ultraviolet Sound and jazz vocalist Little Jimmy Scott.