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Mo Su stands at first

Gave offense to his penitence most direct is doing not go home for these several days, Mo Su not dare to make his telephone call, also not dare to seek her to the company, her there is still wound on the forehead, and she thinks He Nian Chen can't the reason of house very big part doesn't want to see her.She wanted to wait until him to want to see she and went home to lifted to negotiate a good affair last time with her again.
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Fought with him from that day, she did on the second day the dinner of the United States of the United States for trying to please him, but he doesn't do one the honor, didn't come back.While waiting until 10:00 she thinks that she eats a point first of, but afraid he is next and then come back and simply endured to feel hungry to wait next and next, next next and next.Until lie prone fell asleep on the table, wake up of time the vegetableses are all thoroughly cool, she didn't also wait until him back.

Really and too grew for three days, grow what affairs all probably take place.Although Li Yao has never made a phone call again to come over,she can believe six for successive years of matter is 100,000 very urgent, otherwise she also isn't likely to cannot help but to say with her.

This evening, she just as since go toward of worked well the vegetables of one big table and don't expect before table of wait he to stare at to begin while hasing already seen two hours, the machine just summoned up the courage plan specialty machine to make a phone call to him, hear door ring of voice.

The door seems be kicked away from the outside of, bump on the wall to send out huge voice, frightenned her a greatly jump.She favour ran over to see, see station's He Nian Chen outside the door, he about is drink many, the step is some coxcombry, see her look in the eyes but is light, be her as air generally don't deliver one language of nearby pass by from she.

Su of the Mo is waked up with a start by the wine flavor on his body of, the favour ran to close door, run to her the Wan nearby trying to please to live his arm to say:"I hand you up ……"

But her tried to please don't get repay, he flicks to open her hand and be like to flick to open a disgusting fly ground, way:"Do not touch me."Then a person walk toward upstairs.

Mo Su stands at first and let own heart no longer be embroiled hard, the deep breathing diligently let at a stretch oneself face up extrude one smiling face of putting on.Get to kitchen in poured one glass milk, then took to walk toward upstairs.

He Nian Chen didn't turn on a light in the bedroom, only the light in the bathroom spreads through the glass door.

Su of the Mo opening of the indoor, put milk on the bedstand, stood to waited he to came out at first.

He is one the love is clean of man, at 1:00 all not oddness why he got drunk wine to also remember to take a shower, on the contrary if he doesn't remember that the oddness was just.

He didn't wash how long, from at the time that bathroom came out, the wine spirit on the body had already disappeared to have no Zong, the wine seems to be also a little bit more awake and looking at the time that she stands over there also nothing important facial expression.

The Chou being cool detachment wears her to hold up the quilt on the bedstand, smile of try to please him to say:"I steeped one glass milk for you and drank agree with stomach good."

141, give vent to anger

Read Chen eyes direct from she the in front Piao lead and seem to don't hear her words ground, without telling anyone lie on the bed, "go out."Two words of inhospitality but is thousand times clearly.

Helplessly looking at he carry body on his back go, Mo Su stands at first, the hand top end wore of seemed to be not is a cup but is a hot irons the ground was continuously to burn her hand.She crustily the skin of head walk to come forward and ask:"Mr. He can bother you to give me a little times?"

He didn't make a noise and remained is back toward her, on biting lips, Mo's Su's"I know my request very excessively, but I also have no an another way, Li Yao is my good friend, I only have this good friend, yesterday was my wrong, I not the speaks a condition with you ……" she is almost low voice:"As long as you are willing to do some help, you want me to do what I would like to, I hereafter all will darling of, can't ask for you again angry, I request you ……"

"Enough, I make you roll out!"

His voice almost is use to roar, Mo Su who frighten retreated an one step, hot hot of milk is from the cup in fluttered to burn her of the back of the hand.She was low to lowly exclaim a , simply endure to begin to carry on the back the last pain, saw a bed up the back toward her shadow of human figure one eye and finally turned round to take to come to go out.

One the whole night Mo Su all have no how to fall asleep, the ear inside completely listens to the action of next door bedroom, as long as have some voice ring will wake up with a start her to jump to go out to see from the bed.

However much time is all her own illusion, arrive the second day morning, He Nian Chen just from the bedroom in come out.

She has already got ready breakfast in the down stairs and see he come down, the accolade of one face smile:"I worked well breakfast, you came over to eat."

Read Chen to see her one eye:"Need not."Finish saying and then walk toward entrance.Mo Su about to speak what, see he open the door, the door outside has already stood quite a few the person who wears black western dress,

Read a Chen head don't return as well of walked to go out, wait until Mo Su return to absolute being to want to call he of time, but be done by the person out of the door a please of tidy up:"Young lady please get on the car."

The assurance is to call oneself, Mo Su pointed to point his/her own nose:"I?"

"Yes, young lady."

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Because rise early, at will wear a long sleeve shirt heel recreational trousers on of her body, hair is also at will tie, where do image like this want her to?Mo Su shakes:" I don't go out of ……but can bother you to tell me for a while, where does Mr. He want to go now?When can come back?"

That person saw her one eye and remained is very mild tone but ask the words sentence of question:"The young lady didn't be kidding, He Shao Shuo you spend a holiday to the seaside together with her today."

Deep autumn almost in winter, go to the seaside and spend a holiday ……

Mo Su's brain inside automatically presents an unimaginable scene, but very quick of she thoughted of that that reads again the Chen once said of words ……

He does like this, is also say, did he promise the condition that he exchanges with him?

Unknownly rejoice the feeling starts to be suffused with in the Mo Su's heart bottom, she also attends to not ascend own image at the moment, order, follow that person to walk out together.

Originally think that she will take the same car with He Nian Chen, she still thinks with He Nian Chen's assurance for a while this matter on the car, who know that person to take the car that she ascends to is He Nian Chen's white to speed, face before getting on the car, she hesitated for a while, not through ask:"Divide a car ……is Mr. He's meaning?"

"Yes, we is make a special trip to pick up young lady to go to the seaside, He Shao not heel we together road."

Mo Su can according to what read the arrangement of Chen, she is a small bird in cage, fear to ask for own host now not happy, can hide in the cage and wait host in good humor of time come over to induce two times.

In the Mo Su's impression, seeming oneself hasn't arrived the seaside.There was also the impulse of this aspect before, only Yuan Mu the fascination of the west lacked at that time, 2 people always forgets about it concerning the affair playing to the seaside.Is unexpectedly the first-time to come to the seaside incredibly is heel He Nian Chen.

This is really the rich's life, He Nian Chen has a set of very beautiful villa in the seaside, for Mo Su this kind of little civilian come to say, so beautiful villa absolutely heel palatial similar impressive-looking grand view.She wasn't never either to once see at ordinary times what five-star hotel, but private villa like this, can decorate of so luxurious of she still keeps seeing for the first time.

Although the heart bottom occupies,the heart bottom still keeps cannot helping but the temptation of villa, from a come in she is in the house turned big 1 turn well, the sky on the stage being finally on the third floor sits down, the underneath is to flaunt non- vestige ocean, the sea breeze blew to once kiss the cool idea of cheeks really good.

She was foolish over there for a day, blew sea breeze for a day, looking at railing under of ocean, think if oneself jumps down to go to from here will have how of result.

This also however is to want just, she is true of do to also have no the courage of that sort so.

Rice that at will ate some someone to make a special trip to deliver in the evening, first-class in the sofa He Nian Chen didn't also see him coming back for a long time.Because didn't sleep for last night a night, the very quick side poured on the sofa to deeply sleep to pass by.

Sleep till the time in midnight feel that someone is in the moment bothering her, blurredly open, in the moment dark one, but the breathing on the lips is to acquaint with so.He is to kiss a skill superior, the lips Chi tying up of the Mian is very easy and then let her idea disorderly feeling fan, her openings just call a "" the word was blocked up by him airtight solid lips, acquaint with but violent in action of the breathing seized all of her breaths.
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For begging for him happy, Mo Su is rare of stretch hand to hang up his neck on his/her own initiative, have intention to to respond to him, next his arm a curved, beat her horizontal to embrace to go upstairs.

He should be still is angry, arrive Su of Mo of bed just know, his strength is very malicious, not gentle and soft at all, seem to destroy she ground, makes her very painful, arrive end she really cans not stands and cries to beg for mercy, but he seems to basically can't hear her voice and endlessly move back and forth her and seem her isn't a person to be just the toy that he gives vent to anger.

Wait until him finally after finishing venting, Mo Su feels his/her own body seem to is no longer own, he lies prone she of nearby, a make a sound of, always the Ba of hand but occupancy lived her of waist.

Mo Su is really dead tired, meant to say have nothing at all energy, eyes exhausted Zhengs all can not open, make"He Nian Chen ……" still want to wait his should answer, who know to haven't waited until, oneself deeply slept to pass by

142, He Nian Chen of another noodles

Mo Su have a dream in the evening, very the oddness is very exaggerated, but make her wake up in addition to heart palpitates but feel true dream.

She dreamed He Nian Chen to stand another women, he asks her very hard and love him?If don't love him to follow other people.She is obstinate, the along while isn't willing to utter a word.The answer of in the mind seems ready to come out, the love of need not doubt.But she how would not like to speak, always don't force at waiting for next He Nian Chen she, or from his can see one silk heartache in look in the eyes.However ……next, he has no action and just follow that woman to more walk more far, far of she regrets for dear life in the behind of yell "I love you" don't turn head as well.