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*** Amalia Delgado and Dusty Wakeman ***
Burbank, CA … Mojave Audio, a company founded by David Royer (known for his work with ribbon microphones), is pleased to announce the debut of the company’s online media library. Featuring a vast collection of audio samples and video tutorials, examples, and session overviews, the new Mojave Audio online media library is an outstanding reference for learning about miking techniques and the Mojave Audio microphones used to capture any given sound or music source.

One of the most useful attributes of the new media library is the ability to search by multiple means. Visitors can search by Artist, Engineer, Instrument, and several additional categories—all of which make it easy to find audio samples and the microphone choices used to capture that sound or performance. Equally noteworthy is the extensive collection of videos. These videos include a look at the actual session where the recording took place, discussions about techniques, a look at microphone placement, and much more.

There are some truly exceptional recordings and videos to be discovered among the numerous categories in the online media library. For those interested in drum recording, the Ross Hogarth/Kenny Aronoff session is a standout. Should one’s interest gravitate toward acoustic instruments, the Jim Lauderdale/Randy Kohrs session is a must. Jazz enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the Miles Mosley session and those with an interest in classical piano should explore the Yana Reznik section. Additionally, engineers and voice-over artists should find the Charles Kahlenberg session most informative.

Dusty Wakeman, President of Mojave Audio, commented on the company’s new online media library, “In recent years, we’ve been very fortunate to have our products used by leading engineers and artists the world over, and many of these recordings have been made available to us for educational purposes. Similarly, our ‘Pop Up Studio’ at various industry events has been another terrific source for both audio and video recordings. The sum total of audio and video materials in the media library represents, to the best of my knowledge, one of the most comprehensive collections of samples, tips, and tricks available from any equipment manufacturer. The online media library was created by Mojave Audio’s own Amalia Delgado and, thanks to her elegant design and ability to organize everything so clearly, I’m confident recording enthusiasts, professional engineers, and artists will find these materials invaluable.”

To access the Mojave Audio online media library directly, point your browser to:

About Mojave Audio
Located in Burbank, California, Mojave Audio is a manufacturer of quality microphones for the recording professional. Additional information on the MA-301fet and all Mojave Audio products can be found online at