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Burbank, CA … Mojave Audio, a company founded by David Royer (known for his work with ribbon microphones) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mojave Audio MA-301fet Condenser Microphone. Based upon the popular MA-201fet designed by David Royer, the new MA-301fet adds features that industry professionals have asked for, including a 3-position pickup pattern selector, a 15 dB pad, and a switchable bass roll-off. This exceptional new microphone is ideal for numerous applications, among them: vocals, voice over and broadcast, electric guitar, piano, acoustic instruments, both drum overheads and room mics (drum ambience), and high SPL sources such as kick drums and bass guitar amps.

The new MA-301fet provides warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments without the shrillness and high frequency artifacts so often encountered with modern condenser microphones. The microphone’s warm, military grade FET circuitry, superb Jensen transformer, and custom designed low-noise resistors combine to deliver an ultra clean signal path with low noise and high quality performance reminiscent of some of the best-loved classic condenser microphones. As a solid state, large diaphragm condenser microphone with a hand selected, 3-micron thick, 1-inch (diameter) gold sputtered capsule, the new MA-301fet is a truly versatile recording tool.

With its multi-pattern capabilities— Cardioid, Omnidiectional, and Figure-eight (Bi-directional)—Mojave Audio’s new MA-301fet Condenser Microphone adds greater flexibility for recording a multitude of instruments, voices, and other sound sources. These capabilities are augmented still further with the incorporation of a switchable 15 dB pad and switchable bass roll-off. Now, engineers have greater control over not just the microphone’s polar pattern, but they can attenuate loud sources for optimum pickup level and compensate for low frequency ‘boom’ if necessary.

Dusty Wakeman, Mojave Audio’s president, commented on the company’s new offering, “The new MA-301fet draws upon the success of our MA-201fet and adds a number of features that many recording engineers have been asking for. With the addition of multi-pattern capability as well as the switchable 15 dB pad and switchable bass roll-off, this new microphone is an incredibly versatile recording tool that, I’m confident, will find a home in a wide range of environments.”

With a MSRP of $895, the Mojave Audio MA-301fet is expected to be available in February 2012.

About Mojave Audio
Located in Burbank, California, Mojave Audio is a manufacturer of quality microphones for the recording professional. Additional information on the MA-301fet and all Mojave Audio products can be found online at


Photo Info: The Mojave Audio MA-301fet microphone.