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James Burton (left) and Mojave Audio’s Dusty Wakeman (right).

New York, NY… Mojave Audio, a leading manufacturer of world-class microphones for the recording professional, is pleased to announce it recently donated two of the company’s most popular microphones to the Shreveport, LA-headquartered James Burton Foundation. Founded by legendary guitarist extraordinaire James Burton—who in addition to being a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has performed with musical greats Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Roy Orbison to name but a few—the James Burton Foundation supports music education for those in need through guitar donations and music instruction to schools, hospitals, and community service organizations.

The James Burton Foundation has given thousands of guitars to schools, as well as children’s and veteran’s hospitals, and continues this effort. The Foundation is now in the process of expanding its music education program, facilities, and partnership outreach through several efforts. These include the James Burton Foundation Museum and Performing Arts Stage, a Higher Education Partnership Outreach program, Music Education, Oral History, and Recording Studios programs, a Foundation video to help best describe the institute’s mission, plus a newsletter and various entertainment events.
Mojave Audio’s MA-201fet is a large diaphragm, phantom-powered, solid-state condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern.

The company’s MA-101fet is a small diaphragm, solid-state condenser microphone with interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules. Together, these two microphones make a compelling choice for a wide range of recording applications. These microphones will be an integral part of the Foundations’ new Studio Music Education program.

Thomas Detrie, who serves as a technical consultant to the James Burton Foundation, commented on the Mojave Audio donation. “All of us at the Foundation are very excited to be working with Mojave Audio and we are most appreciative of their generous gift. Our new studio program—which we are currently in the process of building—represents a terrific opportunity for a talented, but financially challenged music student to be able to pursue their education and, ultimately, their professional aspirations. We are grateful that Mojave Audio recognizes the importance of supporting music education and we look forward to working with the company well into the future.�

Dusty Wakeman, Mojave Audio’s President, echoes Detrie’s enthusiasm. “I first learned of the Foundation through Mark Thompson at Sweetwater Sound, Inc.,� Wakeman remarked, “and upon closer examination, I was impressed with all the positive work being done by the entire staff. Over the years, I had the opportunity to actually work on a few projects with James Burton and he is a true inspiration to me. I’ve learned a lot from this gentleman and when I learned of his efforts with the Foundation, I knew that Mojave Audio had to get involved. All of us on the Mojave Audio team share James’ enthusiasm for music and the arts and are happy we could contribute to the Foundations’ efforts.�

James Burton, who serves as an inspiration for musicians everywhere and oversees the Foundations’ many activities, reflected on the Mojave Audio equipment donation. “The ability to record a musical performance is a crucial part of the learning experience,� Burton explained. “There’s no more compelling way to learn than being able to sit back and listen to musical phrasing, intonation, and numerous other aspects of a performance. The mic and the recorder don’t lie, and being able to listen back is crucial to one’s musical growth. I’ve known Dusty for years and have always been impressed with his dedication to music. When I learned of the Mojave Audio equipment donation, I knew it came from the heart. To everyone at Mojave Audio—thank you.�

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