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*** Tommy Vicari ***
Los Angeles, CA… While there are many gifted audio engineers, few have reached the level of Tommy Vicari, the Producer, Recording Engineer, and Scoring Mixer for Motion Pictures and Television. With an impressive list of credentials that spans approximately 35 years in the record business, 15 years in the motion picture industry, and 16 years as the orchestra mixer for the annual Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) show, Vicari is one of professional audio’s true luminaries. The Grammy® and Emmy® Award winning engineer has been an integral part of films such as the current biopic Get on Up about the life of James Brown, and was the 2013 winner of the Cinema Audio Society Award for his work on Behind The Candelabra— a look at the life of Las Vegas entertainer Liberace. With Vicari’s stature, he can use any gear he chooses, and at the heart of his studio successes are microphones from Mojave Audio and its sibling company Royer Labs.

Vicari recently worked on a project for the Disneyland® Park in Hong Kong and, during those sessions, he became a true fan of the Mojave Audio MA-100 and MA-101fet small condenser microphones. These sessions included seven woodwind instrumentalists playing flute, alto saxophone, oboe, baritone saxophone, clarinet, tenor saxophone, and bassoon; a brass section with four trumpets, four trombones, and four French horns; plus a sizeable string section.

According to Vicari, “I’ve used the Mojave Audio MA-200 and MA-300 condenser mics on woodwinds many times before and have had great success. But the real surprise for me this time around was the performance of the company’s small condenser mics—the MA-100 and MA-101fet. These mics sounded amazing on the brass and woodwinds. The sound of the flutes that we captured with the MA 101fet was just exquisite! Clear, crisp, and fat!”

“We also used the MA-101fet on the celli while the violins and violas were captured using the MA-100’s,” Vicari added. “Here too, the MA-101fet was amazing on the celli. For the violins and violas, we close miked those instruments using the MA-100’s and it was just incredible. This was the first time I used these mics, and I could not have been more pleased! They sounded clear and smooth with absolutely no harshness whatsoever—and this was done in a very small room. With the right pre amp, there’s no need to EQ anything!”

Before shifting his focus back to the business of the day, Vicari reflected on both his relationship with Mojave Audio and his experience using the company’s microphones. “I have come to rely on Royer and Mojave microphones on all of the recording projects I do,” he said. “These mics are consistently reliable, and the tech support of both companies is unparalleled. Dave Royer, Dusty Wakeman, and John Jennings are there when and wherever I need them. These microphones are always a part of my tool box and they are a real bargain compared to many other microphones of this caliber! I would venture to say that I am still discovering what these products are capable of! Do yourself a favor, take a good listen. You’ll be happy you did!”

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